Andy Cohen Breaks Silence About Drugs & Raquel Leviss

Andy Cohen Raquel Leviss

Andy Cohen is speaking out about if Raquel Leviss was on drugs during the Vanderpump Rules reunion. He admits that he has been worried about her. Raquel has been going through a lot since it was revealed that she was having an affair with Tom Sandoval.

Was Raquel Leviss Medicated At Reunion?

Andy Cohen talked to Variety about the big Vanderpump Rules reunion last night. It turns out that Andy thinks that Raquel Leviss was medicated during the reunion. He said, “I was worried for Raquel’s mental health going into the reunion. I mean, I still am. But actually, when I saw how unemotional she was, it made me think she was really medicated or really out of touch with her role in everything.”

Of course, Raquel Leviss isn’t even speaking to the press at all now so she isn’t replying to if she was medicated or not. Fans were actually upset over the fact that she was so “stone-faced” during the reunion. Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and more actually had tears, but Raquel just simply said “Hi Andy” with no emotion and didn’t break down like other people did. Several times she had a smile on her face like she was perfectly fine with what she did to Ariana Madix.

Changing Things Up Because Of The Protective Order

They had to change things up because of the protective order that Raquel Leviss filed against Scheana Shay. They had to be 100 yards apart for the entire time, which was actually bigger than the area they had originally. Executive producer Alex Baskin talked about this, too. Here is what he had to say.

“Raquel and Scheana’s different demeanors in their trailers reflect them as a whole. Scheana was really intense and agitated. And I think one of Raquel’s traits that I think is driving a little bit of fire is that she seems very leveled. In some ways that helped her that day because it helped her get through a very difficult day. But sometimes — where it does her a disservice is — it seems she’s maybe not affected by what is happening or doesn’t care. She would maintain otherwise but she had a very calm and leveled demeanor.”


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Do you agree with Andy Cohen that Raquel Leviss might have been taking something at the Vanderpump Rules reunion? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Vanderpump Rules on Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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  1. Remember that Rachel has a history of being a pageant contestant. So, that noted, she was aware of her nerves, verbalized it and calmly received very harsh criticism, and took a deep breath to compose herself without crying, wasn’t surprising. She did acknowledge that she is getting help about what she did, so she may be taking a doctor-prescribed mood stabilizing medication.

  2. Hi Raquel,I hope you get the help you need and hope we see you back on show. everyone makes mistakes you got this and you will overcome it, sending hugs 🤗🤗🤗

    1. I was actually more worried about James “going to the bathroom” so many times. Dude looked and acted like he was on a ton of coke

  3. I agree with Mel P about James. He was hyped up on something. Too many bathroom breaks. The yelling amongst everyone should have been controlled and not allowed to happen. Wasted time! James and Lala had too too much screaming/name calling time.
    And so what if Raquel was medicated? Look what she had to face that night. She made a mistake and will have to suffer the consequences for her actions. She fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time.

    1. I totally agree about James and Lala they were way over the top and like kids as they kept telling everybody to Shut your mouth!
      They have all been too hard on Raquel! It could of been any of them. I’m from a small town in Indiana and people screw around all the time. My x did it to me and the gal was friends with my best friends and No One told me! Crazy!

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