Ariana Madix Flips The Script On Raquel Leviss

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is flipping the script on her former bestie, Raquel Leviss. The two went head to head during the three-part Season 10 reunion. By the end, some fans felt that Madix had been a little too harsh on Leviss. So, now that everything is said and done, where do the two women stand? Read on for more details.

Ariana Madix Flips The Script On Raquel Leviss

Throughout Season 9 and especially Season 10, Ariana Madix had been very close to Raquel Leviss. They went to events together and Leviss had become like a little sister to Madix and Scheana Shay. The two women embraced her when she and James Kennedy called off their engagement and she seemed lost. Then, six months after filming for Season 10 ended, disaster struck. It came out that Raquel had been having an affair with Ariana’s long-time boyfriend and their co-star, Tom Sandoval. Though some cast mates had grown suspicious, Madix never thought anything of it. Once this happened, she told Raquel that she was dead to her, called her a rat, and blocked her.

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They came face to face at the reunion with Ariana Madix calling Leviss “subhuman” and “diabolical” for what she had done. She also wished the worst thing to ever happen to someone on her amongst other things. Then, Raquel Leviss gave her final confessional, which no one had seen. She truly looked troubled and supposedly has been in a mental health facility for over two months. With all of that in mind, does Ariana have any empathy for Raquel or is she still fuming?

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According to TMZ, Ariana may have had a change of heart. The outlet caught up with the sandwich shop owner and actress at LAX and asked if she felt for her former friend. “Sure, yeah,” Madix said. It was not much deeper than that but Raquel did claim that she had not been completely honest about her affair with Sandoval. She took the confessional as a time to come clean but knew that Tom would not be happy as he wanted her to lie. More so, she said he was going to “kill her” for being honest.

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Raquel Leviss also admitted that she did not want to lose Tom Sandoval as he was all that she had at the time. The cast had made it clear that they would be the ones to decide if she would be welcomed back. Sadly for her, it did not look promising. However, Ariana Madix did note that Tom had likely been grooming Raquel as he had groomed her. So, wherever her empathy is coming from, they do share a similar experience of having been with Sandoval. As for what is next for Ariana and Raquel, that is yet to be seen.

Do you think that there is any chance for reconciliation between Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss? Or, is there nothing Leviss can do to get back the cast’s good graces? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed Wednesday on Bravo.

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