‘Pump Rules’ Could ‘Scandoval’ Date Back To Season 8?

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Is it possible that ‘Scandoval’ actually dates back to Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules? James Kennedy said that he noticed Raquel Leviss becoming more interested in Tom Sandoval during Season 9. Yet, he never anticipated that his ex-fiancee and now former best friend would end up together. More so, he never thought they would have an affair and ultimately fall in love. Yet, was there something between Raquel and Sandoval seasons before? Read on for more details.

Vanderpump Rules: Could ‘Scandoval’ Date Back To Season 8?

‘Scandoval’ rocked Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules to its core. It was speculated about somewhat toward the end of the season by different cast members. The closeness between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss was almost too close for comfort for some like Lala Kent and Ally Lewber. Yet, Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix maintained that they loved and trusted Raquel and would stick by her regardless. This all changed at the beginning of March when Ariana found Sandoval’s phone, opened it, and found evidence of his infidelity with Raquel.

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It seemed that it had been going on for around seven months but is there some evidence it may have been going on longer? According to Page Six, some clues from Season 8 could prove that there was something between Raquel and Sandoval even back then. Now, Tom Sandoval did confess to cheating on Ariana more than once. He told Scheana Shay that the rumors about ‘Miami Girl’ were true and there was one other time. So, what exactly happened in Season 8 that has led to speculation?

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During Page Six’s own podcast, Pot Psychology host Tracie Morrissey referenced to a scene in Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules. It had Raquel, who was new to SUR, folding napkins with former assistant manager Danica Dow and show alum, Dayna Kathan. While doing so, she is explaining how she went out and got really drunk. However, her longtime boyfriend, James Kennedy did not like this at all and was livid he could not get in touch with her. When she awoke and saw he phone, he had texted her all these derogatory names.

Where’s The Smoking Gun?

Vanderpump Rules viewers know that James Kennedy has a temper when he gets drunk or fired up so where is the smoking gun? As Tracie Morrissey continued, the show flashed back to the night that Raquel Leviss went out and got too drunk. Apparently, she claims that you can see Tom Sandoval out dancing with her and taking selfies. Furthermore, Raquel claimed that her phone was left in her purse in the kitchen. However, James said she had turned it off.

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Morrissey notes that this could have been a night where Sandoval and Raquel hooked up. Then, he just coached her into saying what he wanted her to like the phone was in her purse when it was really off. That way, James would look bad and Raquel would look innocent. Finally, Morrissey referred to the Season 9 reunion when Raquel and James called off their engagement. Sandoval had a moment of appearing happy. Seemingly, that was enough evidence for her.

Do you believe that ‘Scandoval’ pre-dates Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules? Let us know your thoughts of why in the comments below.

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