‘The View’ Hosts Mock Sunny Hostin Following ‘Jeopardy!’ Loss

Sunny Hostin on The View/ YouTube

Sunny Hostin once competed on Jeopardy! and didn’t do as well as many might have expected. While this happened a few years ago, her co-hosts on The View have not forgotten and mocked her for her performance this week on the show.

Here is what the co-hosts had to say about Sunny’s performance and what she remembered about her appearance on the game show.

The View mocks Sunny Hostin’s former Jeopardy! appearance

The View talked a bit about Jeopardy! on Tuesday’s episode when host Ken Jennings stopped by as a guest. The co-host from the game show was talking about how Jeopardy! is not for the weak and he mentioned how hard it was to compete on the show. This then led the discussion to Sunny Hostin, who actually competed on the game show back in 2016.

At the time, Sunny was competing in a celebrity challenge against Al Franken and one of her own View co-hosts, Ana Navarro. That is when the show decided to play footage of Sunny on the game show as she struggled to get her answer out. “I have a special appreciation for the show because I know how difficult it is to be a contestant,” she said. Joy Behar quipped to get out the violins.

Sunny Hostin on Jeopardy! / YouTube

The video showed Sunny trying to buzz in to answer questions, but being too late and she was getting frustrated. Even when talking about the experience on The View, she blamed the buzzer for her problems. Alyssa Farah Griffin said she could see the “rage” on Sunny’s face as she kept buzzing in too late to answer. Ken Jennings watched the video and said it was clear Sunny wasn’t having a good time on the show.

“Thanks, The View, I didn’t even know you had that part of the clip,” Sunny said. “I know how hard [Jeopardy] is.” She then backed up her original claims and said the buzzer always “screws you.” Ken Jennings laughed about that, saying, “The buzzer is mean.”

What happened with Sunny Hoston on Jeopardy!?

It seems ironic that Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro both competed on Jeopardy! against each other. However, what is sad is that neither of The View hosts won in this appearance.  The two competed against Al Franken, the former U.S. Senator who started his career as a comedy writer on Saturday Night Live. Franken beat both ladies in the competition.

Franken competed on Jeopardy! three times (in the 14th, 20th, and 32nd seasons). When he was first on the show, he had a massive lead of $7,900 and no one could catch him. However, he got greedy and wagered everything, missing the final question, and losing to Pat Schroeder. He was only the second contestant ever to lose despite taking an unbeatable lead (Buzz Aldrin was the other).

When Franken took on Suny and Ana, he played smarter. He once again took a major lead that neither woman could catch. This time, he only wagered $5 in the final round and that meant he won without worry. Franken racked up $20,005 in wins on the episode and Jeopardy! donated $50,000 to the USO on his behalf. Sunny came in last place with $5,000 and Ana wracked up $9,800.

What are your thoughts on Sunny Hostin’s appearance on Jeopardy!? Did you find her co-hosts’ comments about her struggles funny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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