Ken Jennings Admits Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ Is NOT For The Weak

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Ken Jennings sat down for a lengthy interview recently to discuss replacing Alex Trebek as a host of Jeopardy! The game show host fesses up that Alex was flawless in his execution as the host of Jeopardy! and he made it look so easy. But, Ken admits the job is far from easy and certainly not for the weak.

Ken Jennings Admits Hosting Jeopardy! Is NOT For The Weak

Sitting down with The New Yorker, Ken Jennings admits that hosting Jeopardy! is “a very hard job.” This was something even he found to be surprising as he watched Alex Trebek host the game show with grace and confidence for 37 years while making everyone love him.

The New Yorker asked Ken Jennings if he could clarify what aspects of hosting Jeopardy! were so difficult. He was happy to explain:

It’s the speed of it. It’s hard to overstate how fast it moves and the mechanics of what the host has to do sixty-one times a show: read the clue flawlessly, call on the right contestant, adjudicate their response correctly. And then it all repeats.

Does he decide whether the player gets the answer right?

Ken Jennings clarified there is a table of judges behind him to make decisions if necessary. But, part of the reason Alex delivered such great energy is that he made decisions “on the fly” without waiting for the table of judges to chime in to keep the game moving forward.

For Ken, he admits that he finds playing the game along with the players in his head as if he were also a contestant helps him keep the game moving. He, however, recognizes that he will never be able to bring the same kind of vibes that Alex brought to the show.

He Tries To Keep People Calm

Ken Jennings goes on to tell The New Yorker he likes to do what he can to keep the contestants cool and calm. He knows how it feels to be nervous and he picks up on body language revealing that someone is struggling to keep calm. Hands trembling, for example, being a big one he notices. So, he takes pride in doing what he can to boost confidence and keep the contestants’ heads screwed on right so they can have the best game possible.

Ken Jennings YouTube

For the most part, Jeopardy! viewers absolutely adore Ken Jennings. Though, everyone does agree no one could ever replace Alex.

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