Ken Jennings’ Return Has ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Buzzing

Ken Jennings [Source: YouTube]

Ken Jennings made his big return to Jeopardy! on Friday, March 10. Fans couldn’t help but buzz over his highly-anticipated return. They weren’t happy when Mayim Bialik took over the hosting duties during the “High School Reunion Tournament.” The Call Me Cat star will be hosting the tournaments and spinoff series. Keep on reading to learn more.

Backlash over Mayim Bialik

Fans have been begging Ken Jennings to return. The latest backlash over Mayim Bialik is over her “annoying pause” that drove viewers crazy. Fans noticed this issue takes place in each episode. Mayim often pauses before informing a contestant if a question is correct or not.

Mayim hosted the “High School Reunion Tournament” from February into March. The 14-episode special featured 27 “Teen Tournament” contestants who competed in 2019. The winner gets $100,000 and an opportunity to play in the 2023 Tournament of Champions, which is the Super Bowl for Jeopardy! fans.

Mayim Bialik [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
This is great for the long-running series. Producers expressed an interest in making Season 39 more like a sporting event for nerds and brainiacs. Mayim has been hosting the specials this season. She also hosted Celebrity Jeopardy!, which aired on primetime on ABC. Fans expressed their distaste over her hosting ability.

They made it no secret that they prefer Ken Jennings. They wanted him to be the natural successor to the late Alex Trebek. He’s one of the greatest champions of all time. It would make sense for the GOAT to host the classic game show. Producers wanted to go in a different direction and bring a mix of celebrities and television personalities to guest host the quiz show after Alex’s death.

Ken Jennings [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
That’s how Mayim and Ken Jennings ended up with the coveted position. In late July 2022, producers announced that they will continue to swap hosting duties for the duration of Season 39. The backlash rages on. On social media, fans slammed Mayim for taking her time to say “that is correct” and slowing down the pace of the show.

Ken Jennings returns to Jeopardy!

On Friday’s broadcast of Jeopardy!, host Ken Jennings returned. This comes after he poked fun at his hiatus. He returned to the Alex Trebek Stage at Sony Pictures Studios with a round of applause from the contestants and live studio audience. Ken walked out with a big smile on his face.

“We hoped you all enjoyed the fantastic completion in our High School Reunion Tournament and today we wrap up the week with a familiar face,” Ken Jennings said.

He announced the three-day champion, Stephen Webb. However, fans were most focused on Ken’s return. When the official Jeopardy! Twitter account announced Ken Jennings’ return, most fans were buzzing. Here are just some of the comments from their latest tweet:

  • “Sorry Mayim, but Jeopardy just feels like Jeopardy again with Ken Jennings back.”
  • “Welcome back @KenJennings! Relieved to have you back. And @embassydavies, after this season, let’s just have one host for the regular daily show — please! — and let it be Ken.”
  • “Great to have @KenJennings back! The show is much smoother and more enjoyable!”
  • Sorry Mayim but it’s something when Ken is on Jeopardy! it makes it more interesting. It’s like the missing thing is back.
  • SO glad Ken is back!! Love his command/ presentation of the show.”
  • “Yay! Ken Jennings is back!”

What are your thoughts on Ken Jennings’ return to Jeopardy? Are you buzzing as well? Do you prefer Ken over Mayim? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. I have not , nor will I ever watch Jeopardy again if Ken Jennings is not the host!! I do not like Miyan as a host For the show!! I have watched that show for years when Alex Trebeck was the host and I do enjoy watching Ken, but not Miss know it all!!

  2. Mayim’s pauses are clearly ruining the show. You have to blame the producers for missing such an obvious shortcoming.

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