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Mayim Bialik Experiences Distressing Thoughts Amid Backlash?

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Mayim Bialik recently her experience with anxious thoughts. This comes amid the ongoing backlash over her hosting abilities on the latest episodes of Jeopardy! Fans are fed up with her frustrating habit. Keep on reading to learn more.

Jeopardy! host gets emotional on Instagram

On Tuesday, February 28, Mayim Bialik opened up about her “intrusive thoughts.” She admits that she’s been having them a lot lately. In the new video, Mayim stood at the kitchen sink with a concerned look on her face. She wore a gray sweatshirt that featured a tiger running around.

Mayim Bialik [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Mayim paired the look with a navy blue T-shirt underneath and her black glasses. She also rocked multiple piercings in her ears. The Jeopardy! host admitted that she’s been having anxious thoughts lately. She didn’t know how to get rid of them. In the clip, Mayim holds a mini plant in her hand.

“What intrusive thoughts can sound like. 🤫 @bialikbreakdown,” Mayim Bialik wrote in the caption.

She often opens up about her struggles with mental health on her podcast, Mayim Bialik Breakdown. Yet, the timing of the video is interesting. The television personality has gotten more backlash now that she’s back on Jeopardy! to host the High School Reunion Tournament.

Mayim didn’t talk in the video. She used a voiceover as if fans could see what she was thinking. She asked herself questions like, “Why did I say that stupid thing? Why am I so stupid? Why did I say it like that? Just shut up!”

She set the video to the tune of Adele’s hit song “Hello.” Mayim Bialik continued to ask herself questions like, “Why would you sing in the middle of other things?” and “Why are you like this? Go home.” It’s as the backlash crept into her headspace. At the end of the video, Mayim turned around from the sink and walked away.

Fans want Mayim Bialik gone

In the meantime, Jeopardy! fans are sick of Mayim Bialik. They want Ken Jennings back on the show. She received new backlash from the viewers. They complained about her “infuriating” hosting style.

The High School Reunion Tournament wraps up on March 9. On the following day, Ken will return to host regular episodes of Jeopardy! Mayim Bialik is hosting the tournaments as well as the specials. Fans noticed that she pauses before saying whether an answer is correct or not.

Jeopardy Contestants [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Most of the backlash has stemmed from Twitter and Reddit. They think she slows down the pace of the show. Fans noticed a dramatic difference in the pace. What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik experiencing distressing thoughts amid the backlash? Do you think there’s a direct correlation? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Those distressing thoughts might go away if she bows out gracefully and lets Ken host the main show, which is what the vast majority of fans have asked.

  2. I find her refreshing someone with a personality, and she interacts well with the contestants. On the other hand, I find Ken Jennings, condescending and smug. I only watch when she’s hosting. This may be an opinion not very popular, but it’s mine.

  3. I immediately found
    Mayim’s pauses annoying the first time I saw her hosting. Aside from that, I ended up
    really liking her and her engaging personality.

    Maybe, we as the audience, or the producers can coach her so she stops with the pausing. I
    don’t like the way fans seem
    pounce on her defect. Be kinder, people!

    But, if I were to choose whom I prefer as the host, it would be Ken.

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