Will ‘My Fault’ Get A Sequel On Prime Video?

My Fault on Prime Video / YouTube

My Fault is one of the top Amazon Prime Video original movies to hit the streaming service this year, but will it get a sequel as a result? There are a lot of reasons why My Fault could get a second movie. However, popularity doesn’t always mean that a movie will get a second outing.

Here is a look at My Fault on Prime Video and whether it will get a second movie.

What is My Fault about on Prime Video?

Prime Video releases new movies every week on the streaming service. This includes theatrical releases as well as originals and international releases. For My Fault, the movie is an international Spanish romantic thriller originally titled, Culpa Mia. It is based on the novels by Mercedes Ron and is a steamy and controversial thriller that was set up perfectly for a sequel movie.

My Fault on Prime Video / YouTube

Nicole Wallace stars as Noah, a 17-year-old girl who has to leave her life behind when she moves to a seaside town to live with her mother, who just married a wealthy billionaire named William. Placed in a new school for her senior year, she struggles both in school and at home, where her new stepbrother Nick (Gabriel Guevara) doesn’t make her life any easier. However, that is where the movie really started to get steamy.

Nick is arrogant and distant, but he also lives life his way. He is the bad boy and he does things that are completely against what his father wants for him. However, when Nick saves Noah’s life, the forbidden romance between the stepbrother and stepsister begins. Then, the movie throws in the thriller aspects, as someone is threatening Noah and it is up to Nick to help save his sister again. When they learn who is behind the threats, it throws everyone’s lives out of control.

My Fault concluded with a legitimate ending, where Nick saved Noah, and the villain ended up gunned down by the police. The nightmare had ended. There was also a cliffhanger ending of a different sort. Nick and Noah kissed in bed and he professed his love for her. However, at the same time, their parents, Rafaela and Will, talk to each other and decide they have to do something to end the romance.

Will My Fault get a sequel on Prime Video?

That was an ending that did two things. It helped set up a Prime Video sequel, and it is all about romance and less about murder and a diabolical mystery. However, the movie also ended with the main mystery solved. This means that with or without a sequel, it received a completed story. However, there is a good reason that there could be a sequel to My Fault.

The movie hit the top 10 for Prime Video upon its release. The movie has a 95% positive rating by fans on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.2/10 rating on IMDb. With the popularity, there could be a sequel, and there is material for it. The story is the first part of a trilogy of novels by Mercedes Ron, so there are two more books taking place in this world that Prime Video could adapt.

The Culpa Saga includes Culpa Mia, Culpa Tuya, and Culpa Nuestra. The second book advertises, “maintaining her relationship with Nick will be a difficult hurdle, with their age difference, campus life, dangerous parties, and inner demons stalking them both, reminding them of all they still don’t know about each other.” The third book’s synopsis reads, “They will have to overcome a new and frightening set of challenges to finally understand if they are really made for each other, or if being apart is their only chance to be happy.”

There is no official news on a My Fault sequel on Prime Video. It will likely take another month before the streaming service gets the numbers to warrant a renewal.

Have you seen My Fault on Prime Video since it dropped on the streaming service? Do you want to see a sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I have seen this movie at lest five times, I am obsessed with this movie. I love the storyline
    how there love started with them not standing one another and then it progressed out of love
    even though I feel that they were in love from the start. I love the mystery, intrigue, romance
    action. Nicole and Gabriel have amazing chemistry on screen and off. And glad that we can watch
    in Englosh. He is gorgeous. I ship them on screen and off. This ios my new obsession, I have not
    felt this way since seeing Fifity shades. Maybe better than that I ship the couple on screen and
    off they are so cute together. They make a cute couple.

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