Tom Schwartz Stepping Away From Scandoval Permanently

Tom Schwartz VPR Confessional [Bravo | YouTube]

Tom Schwartz is speaking out and he is stepping away from Scandoval permanently. It sounds like he is done. He talks about it all on his new reality show Stars On Mars which airs on Fox.

Tom Schwartz Not Speaking To Tom Sandoval

It was revealed recently that Tom Schwartz is no longer speaking to Tom Sandoval after the big Scandoval drama. Sandoval actually cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss causing the entire cast of Vanderpump Rules to be upset with him. Schwartz has been caught in the middle since he is business partners with Sandoval and knew about the affair before anyone else. These two are not speaking now and Schwartz has distanced himself.


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Tom Talks Stepping Away

In a new preview for Stars On Mars, it is revealed that Tom Schwartz is done with Scandoval and stepping away. He has a lot to say and isn’t holding back. You can see the preview below.

In this clip, Schwartz explains saying “This thing with my friend back home, it’s just incredibly messed up and it seems each time I weigh in or talk about it — ramble on about it, drivel on — I inevitably sound like I’m somehow justifying it or making excuses for it. And I’m not. Because you know, there’s just no excuse for it.” He already shared that he did this show because he needed a break from reality.

Tom went on to say that any version of Sandoval’s side of the story is obsolete because of the way that he handled it. Schwartz says that he isn’t Sandoval and it sounds like he doesn’t want any part of it. He said after this “I’m stepping away from it permanently.” He didn’t actually confirm if he means the scandal or Tom Sandoval, but fans would like to know.

Fans React To Tom Stepping Away

Fans are reacting to Tom saying that he is stepping away. Here are what some of them have to say on the post.

  • Geez folks, give him a break. He only had knowledge of the affair. At the same time, his dad almost died, his brothers were having problems, he was trying to get the bar up because Sandoval was MIA, and dealing with selling his house/his divorce. Listen to him on Jax’s podcast.
  • Has someone let Schwartz know that he’s reviled for how he treated Katie and not just because of the side he chose during Scandoval?
  • Y’all need to leave him alone. U don’t think you’d cover for ur ride or die best friend? And don’t even start with the Katie mess that girl was and is insufferable she wanted him to be some1 he’s never been. He has always just been himself. Leave him alone
  • Schwartz, you ARE part of it. You helped Sandoval set up scenes on camera to set the stage that Ariana was bad to help Sandoval transition out of the relationship so he could be with Rachel & not be hated. You DID that-twice this season. You knew you were helping set up his story

Are you shocked by what Tom Schwartz had to say? Make sure you catch it all on Stars On Mars tonight on Fox at 7:00 p.m. CST.

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