Tom Schwartz Giving Sandoval Silent Treatment

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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz is apparently giving his cast mate, Tom Sandoval the silent treatment. This comes as a huge shock considering Schwartz was the only person who really stuck by Sandoval. He became guilty by association and it was a bad situation. Now, the Stars On Mars contender is sharing where he exactly stands with his bestie and business partner. Read on for more details.

Tom Schwartz Giving Sandoval Silent Treatment

When Tom Schwartz was on WWHL a few months back, he broke down the whole history of ‘Scandoval.’ He shared that Tom Sandoval opened up to him about sleeping with Raquel Leviss back in August 2022. Schwartz thought it was a one-time thing and let it go. By January, Sandoval said that he was in love with Leviss. That was when Schwartz encouraged him to tell his long-time girlfriend, Ariana Madix that he had been cheating. He did not so when it came out after seven months, Tom Schwartz looked awful. More so, he looked like an accomplice, especially sticking by Sandoval’s side.

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Even at the reunion, he has been caught in the middle. There was a point after Sandoval slept with Leviss when Tom Schwartz kissed Raquel. The cast and fans questioned if this happened just to throw off the scent of the affair. Now, ahead of part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Schwartz is sharing where he stands with Sandoval. According to TMZ, Schwartz is not currently on speaking terms with Sandoval. The two actually co-own two restaurant lounges and have a whiskey line. Yet, he needed distance, as he opened up on Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s podcast When Reality Hits.

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Admittedly, Tom Schwartz says that he felt like he was trapped in the middle of the situation. Moreover, he became the person that Tom Sandoval opened up to. This further put him in the middle as he has always been loyal to Sandoval. He noted that he feels “super-exploited” by Sandoval therefore it has been a while since the good friends have spoken. No word on if Sandoval has tried to reach out and mend fences.

Can’t Do It

Tom Schwartz seemed to want it to be clear that he doesn’t condone what Tom Sandoval did. That is really another reason why he had to get some distance. As to how this could affect Season 11, it is known that the cast has yet to sign on as of now. They were supposedly told to wait until they saw the final part of the reunion before making any decisions. That will happen tonight so anything is possible.

Are you shocked that the Toms are not on speaking terms? Do you think it is all for the best? Let us know in the comments and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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