Amanda Halterman Breaks Silence On Late Arrival To TLC Series

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Amanda Halterman is finally breaking her silence on her late arrival to the series. Fans have been curious why she was not there from the beginning. Yet, she explains that she has a very valid reason for not being a full-time cast member. So, what did Amanda have to say? Read on for more details.

Amanda Halterman Breaks Silence On Late Arrival To TLC Series

1000-Lb. Sisters viewers have grown to love Amanda Halterman and her witty banter with her sister, Misty. She is comic relief when necessary but she has a good heart. Upon learning of Michael and Amy Halterman’s separation, she went into super aunt mode and was there for her nephews, Gage and Glenn. Interestingly enough, she was also previously married to Michael’s brother, Jason so there are a lot of family ties. Sadly, that marriage ended in divorce and now it seems like the ladies of the family are all single and ready to mingle. Except for their sister, Tammy Slaton, whose marriage to Caleb Willingham is still up in the air.

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With all of the happenings, the family keeps coming together. This made one fan curious as to why Amanda Halterman didn’t come on board with the show in the beginning. According to The Sun, a fan took to Amanda’s TikTok to write this: “Out of curiosity, how come you weren’t on the show when it first came out? Did you not like being on camera back then?” To that, Amanda responded: “Yeah when the show first started, I had already started having problems in my marriage. So, um, I chose not to make a lot of appearances. I was at Amy’s wedding, and season two things really fell apart in my marriage.”

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Fans immediately chimed in with positive messages, thanking Amanda for finally joining the series. “well girl you have made a huge difference on the show, we want to see more of you,” one wrote. Another added: “Glad you and Chris are on the show! Y’all make the show what it is!” There was a follower who pointed out that she did not have to explain herself and that life just happens.

More Of Amanda?

Of course, fans want more of Amanda Halterman in the upcoming season. However, there have been rumors that some of the cast want more money. Plus, there is a chance for just a sibling spin-off as Amanda, Misty, and Chris Combs have become fan favorites. Only time will tell what happens with the show but one thing is for sure. Fans are super happy that Amanda is on the series and they love all that she brings with her.

Do you love Amanda Halterman as a cast member? More so, do you think she adds a lot to the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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