Exclusive: Caleb Willingham Breaks Silence On Wife Tammy Slaton

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Just when things couldn’t get any more confusing TLC personality Caleb Willingham has broken his silence on his beautiful wife, Tammy Slaton. Are Tammy and Caleb still together? What exactly did Caleb have to say? Keep reading for the shocking exclusive details.

Exclusive: Caleb Willingham Breaks Silence On Tammy Slaton

Reaching out to Tv Shows Ace exclusively a friend of Caleb Willingham confirms the TLC personality recently broke his silence on his wife, Tammy Slaton. This news comes as a bit of a shock as it has been all but confirmed Caleb and Tammy were no longer together. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that news broke of Tammy moving on with a new man as the duo flirted with each other on TikTok.

Now, Tv Shows Ace is being told fans shouldn’t count Caleb and Tammy out as a couple just yet. Turns out, these two lovebirds may actually still be married.

Caleb Willingham & Tammy Slaton
Caleb Willingham & Tammy Slaton

According to Tv Shows Ace’s inside source, Caleb Willingham recently doted on his beautiful wife and expressed how proud of her he was for her success. Turns out, Tammy Slaton recently kissed her oxygen goodbye and Caleb couldn’t be prouder of his wife.

The insider went on to note it was “sweet” that Caleb Willingham was so supportive of his wife Tammy’s progress given his own failures with his weight loss progress. Likewise, the insider noted it was also sweet that he was so supportive of his wife despite rumors swirling they were not together anymore.

Tammy Slaton is a whole different woman

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is looking like a whole different woman on TikTok and in the photos she’s shared on Instagram. The TLC star has lost hundreds of pounds. She no longer has her trach. And, she recently ditched her oxygen too. Fans have also watched as Tammy has started getting around without the use of a walking aide.

Fans of the TLC series had all but written off Tammy Slaton. For the most part, fans thought it was only a matter of time before Tammy passed away because she refused to get her life together. In fact, any time Tammy disappeared from social media, fans assumed it was because she was dead.

Tammy Slaton Instagram
Tammy Slaton Instagram

After narrowly escaping death, Tammy managed to take control of her life and finally turn things around. And, fans couldn’t be happier for her.

Does this latest bombshell mean Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton are still an item? Only time will tell as fans wait for a new season of 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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  1. Enough of this idiocy. Either they are – or are NOT married. Not one person – including these clowns – have provided a single shred of PROOF. WHERE. IS. THE. MARRIAGE. LICENSE???

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