Tyler Cameron Reveals If His Social Media Is A Façade

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Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron recently revealed if his social media is his authentic self or a facade. Some reality stars share the good the bad and the ugly. Is Tyler one of them or is it all about putting your best foot forward? Keep reading to find out what he has to say about it all.

Tyler Cameron reveals if his social media reveals his true personality

Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron is a hot commodity in Bachelor Nation. He’s one of the most popular men to ever arise from the franchise. Fans love to follow him and admire the life he lives. It seems as though his life is pretty perfect. However, is he being his authentic self on social media?

Tyler recently appeared on the Out of the Pods podcast where he talked about social media. He answered questions about social media’s impact on his life and also if it’s all just a facade.

One thing Tyler has learned from his time in the spotlight and on social media is that not everyone will be happy. He’s learned to understand that the hate people spew online is a reflection of them, not him.

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So is his portrayal of himself on social media authentic? Tyler believes nobody is real on social media and if they say it is it’s a bald-faced lie. He has bad days and gets frustrated like everyone else. However, he doesn’t share that online. He only shares the fun, good times. He believes social media is a facade and nowhere close to who they really are.

Tyler said he would even love to get rid of social media but he can’t. It’s his platform for his brand and to do good in the world. So, he puts his best foot forward and goes with it.

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Does he get validation from social media?

Tyler Cameron admits that maybe in the beginning of his reality stardom that perhaps social media got to him a little more than it does now. Since he’s older and wiser now, he doesn’t get validation from social media. He gets validation from doing things that make an impact and building something as a man. Social media is not what defines someone, it’s simply a tool.

Tyler admits he has a love/hate relationship with social media. In fact, he’s gotten so busy with work that he has hired someone to help him out with social media tasks.

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So, while Tyler may not love social media all the time it does allow him to use his platform for good such as promoting the foundation set up to honor his late mother.

What do you think about Tyler being honest and saying social media is a facade?

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