Tyler Cameron Reveals If He Would Do ‘Love Is Blind’

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Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron appeared on a podcast recently where he revealed if he would ever go on Love is Blind. He also shared who from the franchise he would date. Keep reading to find out everything Tyler had to say.

Tyler Cameron reveals if he would ever go on Love is Blind

Tyler Cameron is one of the biggest names in Bachelor Nation. He was Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s runner up and that was his first experience with reality television. Now that time has passed and he’s moved on completely from Hannah, he shared recently on the podcast, Out of the Podsif he would ever consider going on another dating show, in particular Love is Blind. 

First of all, Tyler admitted he is a huge Love is Blind fan. He has watched Seasons 3 and 4 and really enjoys tuning in. The two podcast hosts are alums of the show themselves. So, they of course wanted to know if Tyler would ever consider going on the show.

Tyler said that he would have done Love is Blind without hesitation a long time ago. However, now, he’s not so sure. If the opportunity would have presented itself earlier in his life he thinks it would have been a cool opportunity. Tyler kept going back and forth on if he would consider going on now.

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The hosts asked him if he would propose to someone he had never seen. Tyler got really antsy and said he thinks he would propose. Then after thinking about it for a bit, he said he would propose because if it worked out great then that’s a story to tell his kids someday. If it didn’t work out then it was a cool experiment.

This led him to say that while he thinks being physically attracted to someone is important, he doesn’t put as much weight on appearances and physical attraction any more.

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What is he looking for?

Tyler said he is more interested in a person’s heart and someone who can be his best friend. He wants someone who he still wants to be around years down the road when the physical stuff really doesn’t matter.

Deepti and Natalie then asked Tyler if he could choose to date someone from Love is Blind any season married or single who would it be? Tyler said Raven is who he would choose. He thought she was rude at first and then she won him over after watching her more on the show.

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What do you think about Tyler loving Love is Blind? Do you think he should go on the show?

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