Tyler Cameron Breaks Silence About Marriage & Hannah Brown

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown via YouTube

Tyler Cameron spilled some tea about marriage and Bachelorette Hannah Brown recently. Fans may or may not be surprised by his answer. He went on a podcast and spilled all the tea, plus revealed if he’s currently dating anyone. Keep reading to find out what Tyler had to say.

Tyler Cameron talks about Bachelorette Hannah Brown and marriage

Tyler Cameron went on the Out of the Pods podcast to discuss many different things. One particular item of interest was Hannah Brown. Fans know that Tyler finished second on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. Tyler started out by saying that when he first went on the show, he wasn’t very competitive with girls. He basically felt like if they wanted him great if not then okay.

He quickly learned this approach wasn’t going to work on The Bachelorette. Tyler figured out one must be competitive and try to stand out to have a chance with the lead, in this case, Hannah. There wasn’t much time with the lead so contestants had to make every opportunity count.

Tyler did fall for her and admitted he had real feelings. The hosts asked Tyler what he thinks would have happened if Hannah had chosen him and she had said yes to his proposal. They flat-out asked Tyler if he thought they would have gotten married.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube

Tyler said looking back he does think he and Hannah would have had a good shot at getting married. He says a lot has happened since then that caused them to go their separate ways for better and worse. However, if she had chosen him he knows they are both fighters and would have found ways to make their relationship work. They would have fought for it to last.

Tyler Cameron on podcast YouTube

How he ended up on the show

Tyler also shared how he actually ended up on The Bachelorette. He said it all started out as a joke. He saw an ad for the WWE and filled out a hilarious application just being funny. Tyler said he actually wrote that he wanted to run around in a red Speedo and put men in a headlock.

Tyler showed this application to his friends who told him he should find more things to apply for. That is when he found the application to be on The Bachelorette. It started out as a joke and then they kept calling him and interviewing him and the next thing he knew he was cast for the show.


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As far as dating, Tyler says he’s not serious about anyone currently. He’s just dating around.

Being on The Bachelorette has changed his entire life. While popularity has helped him as far as getting more dates, Tyler also uses his platform for good including raising money for the foundation he started in honor of his late mother.

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