Christine Brown Flaunts Weight Loss & Cute Summer Look

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC on Instagram

Christine Brown couldn’t be happier for the start of summer — and she’s sharing adorable looks to celebrate the occasion.

As the Sister Wives star starts counting down the days until her wedding, she’s also maintaining an active Instagram presence to keep up with fans.

Over the past several months, followers have noticed that Christine Brown smiles a lot more often these days. But that’s not the only thing that’s different about her. Keep reading to see the picture that has fans buzzing online.

Christine Brown practically glows on social media now

As a reality television figure, Christine often has opportunities to participate in brand promotions. And it was during one such ad where fans noticed something interesting about Christine.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Over the course of Sister Wives, Christine has admitted to struggling with weight issues. But it really seems that she’s exceeding her own goals and expectations these days. In the Instagram ad, it was pretty clear that Christine has lost weight over the past year.

And no, it’s not just the weight of an ex-husband she shed. The TLC star has really slimmed down since the earliest days of the show. According to a recent article from The Sun, Christine is working out every day and hopes to lose about 20 lbs before her wedding.

In the Instagram ad, she’s in a seated pose with her long blonde hair hanging down in front of her shoulders. She’s wearing a pink summer top which pairs well with her blue jeans. Overall, it’s a relaxed, yet adorable look that would work perfectly at the start of Utah’s summer season.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC on Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Although Christine is generally one of the quirkier Sister Wives cast members, fans have always appreciated her and are so excited to see her smiling again.

And as her rumored summer wedding approaches, Christine definitely has a lot to smile about.

There’s more family drama amid wedding planning

Neither Christine Brown nor David Woolley have publically confirmed the wedding date. However, a source recently told The Sun that the ceremony will likely take place in July. At the very least, the source said that the couple wanted to marry before their kids went back to school.

Kody Brown will reportedly not receive an invitation. However, this won’t surprise many Sister Wives fans, given his current standing with Christine.

But it isn’t just Christine that Kody has issues with — the family patriarch allegedly despises David Woolley and hates the fact he’s about to become a stepfather to his kids.

“Kody seeing photos of his daughter with David is really bothersome to him. It’s triggering,” another insider reportedly told The Sun. “Truely is a daddy’s girl and always was. The whole situation with Kody is heartbreaking.”

What do you think of Christine Brown’s summer look? Will she and David Woolley get through their wedding day peacefully? Leave your thoughts in the comments and share what you think.

Interested in more Sister Wives news? Check back soon and see what’s going on with the Brown family next.

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