Inside Christine Brown’s Cozy Summer Wedding Plans

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC

Christine Brown is engaged to be married — and rumor has it that the ceremony is coming up soon.

Since the Sister Wives star publically announced that she was divorcing Kody Brown, fans hoped she would find love again with someone new. And it seems that Christine and her fiance David Woolley are wild about each other.

So far, they haven’t given many clues about their big day. But now, an insider is giving fans a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Christine Brown’s wedding is likely happening sooner rather than later

Until Christine Brown says anything more, everything is just speculation at this point. But an insider close to the family recently gave out some clues about the upcoming wedding.

David Woolley, Christine Brown, and Truely Brown from InstagramSister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/Instagram

“It’s happening very soon. I’ve heard around July,” an insider reportedly told The Sun. “It will be in the middle of summer and definitely before the kids go back to school.”

This definitely tracks, as Christine is all about family time and would want her children to be actively involved. But as far as the guest list goes, fans shouldn’t expect to see many Sister Wives cast members at the ceremony.

Ysabel Brown, Christine Brown, and Truely Brown from InstagramSister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Kody will definitely not be invited, and she’s not good friends with the other wives, specifically Robyn and Meri,” the source continued. “The only one she still really talks to is Janelle.”

The insider went on to say that Christine might even ask Janelle to be a bridesmaid. Overall, they seemed to think that Christine’s wedding would be a more intimate family affair. The source said that the bride is not over the top and would likely be making many of the decorations by hand.

The Sister Wives star appreciates David’s parenting abilities

Fans still don’t know much about David Woolley. They’ve only really seen him through Christine’s social media posts. But she paints a very positive picture and fans can’t wait to learn more.

Now that the weather in Utah is nicer, Christine and David have been spending time outdoors. On a recent hiking trip, Truely got stuck on a hill and was afraid to climb down. But David stepped in and helped save the day.

“One of the reasons I love David so much! Truely was stuck on a hill and he climbed up to help her then patiently taught her how to climb down by herself,” Christine wrote on Instagram.

Sister Wives fans praised David for his kindness and patience. One fan even noticed that his behavior was drastically different than Kody’s when he tried to teach Truely to ride a bike.

Although Christine and David’s relationship hasn’t been public for very long, fans hope they have a very long, happy life together.

Check back soon for more news and updates on Sister Wives, including details on Christine Brown‘s upcoming wedding!

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