Janelle & Christine Brown Have Big Family Reunion In Utah

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Christine and Janelle Brown are having a big family reunion over in Utah. This is really exciting for the former sister wives who were very close for a long while. They traveled together and leaned on one another. Even when Christine first moved to Utah in late 2021, they still made an effort to be in each other’s lives. That started to dwindle when Christine met her now-fiancee, David Woolley. Yet, the two are back in action and it looks to be a great time. Read on for more details.

Janelle & Christine Brown Have Big Family Reunion In Utah

When Christine left the plural family, fans wondered how the dynamic would change. Yet, she maintained that she and Janelle Brown would stay close. They did and they planned adventures with their children. At the end of 2022, Janelle left Kody, as well but Christine also met her now-fiance, David Woolley. Their romance went public in February and it seemed like Janelle and Christine were not as close anymore. Some wondered if Janelle had met David and if she even liked him.

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Then, in April, Janelle Brown headed to Utah for Christine’s granddaughter, Avalon’s second birthday. She had such a great time bonding with the whole family and seemed to be back in the mix. However, she had been traveling a lot and preparing her RV for the summer. This is the first time she has had to set it up without the help of Kody. Luckily, she has her sons to assist her. Now, she is back in Utah and spending time with Christine, David, and the children.

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She took to Instagram to share that she had headed to Moab, Utah for a little vacation. More so, Janelle Brown noted she took time to fit in a workout and stare at the snow-capped mountains. Then, it appeared that she was getting ready to venture off in an ATV. Followers of Christine and David know that he loves outdoor activities. This is something that she has always loved and even brought up in Season 17, referring to Kody’s lack of outdoor adventuring.

Where Is She Headed Next?

There is no telling how long Janelle Brown and her daughter, Savanah will be in Utah. However, it seems that they are making the most of their time while on their vacation. Fans have also been wondering if Janelle will play a part in Christine’s upcoming wedding but that is yet to be seen. Either way, Janelle seems to be living her best life and doing what serves her best with people who love her the most.

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