‘Sister Wives’ Janelle & Christine Brown Reunite

Janelle and Christine Brown- TLC

Sister Wives cast members, Janelle and Christine Brown have changed a lot since they both left Kody Brown. Christine has moved on and is dating David Woolley, who she feels is her soul mate. Janelle has been spending time in North Carolina with her kids. Their friendship has been questioned since they both went their separate ways. However, fans can be excited to know that these two have finally reunited! Let’s find out what happened.

Christine Brown’s Post Shocks Fans

This week, Christine Brown was quick to post a video on Instagram about Plexus products. Her fans were very shocked to see her in a pose with Janelle! The post was captioned, “Come hang out with us in Nashville! Grab your fav products from us, and we will see you there! Whether you want weight loss, more energy, gut health, less bloating, or mental clarity, I truly believe we have it all- well, like 99.9%. Message me for more info!”

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

Christine had the comments turned off on this post, which wasn’t very surprising to fans. Of course, they all want to know what happened to her friendship with Janelle. The main rumor is that Janelle isn’t fond of Christine’s boyfriend, David. According to a source, she is “disgusted” by their romance.

When Christine left Kody, her friendship with Janelle got closer than ever. The two of them were seen on road trips and vacations. They took any moment to celebrate their friendship, but shortly after Christine met David, it seemed that things changed.

Janelle Shares Life Events

Even though Christine and Janelle haven’t really shared much of themselves with one another, they have been active on social media. In fact, Janelle took a trip to Arizona again and was quick to share pictures. Fans were surprised that she went to Christine Brown’s old house. It was clear in this post that she was missing her best friend. Janelle shared all of the snow at the house and pointed out that there was no one living there since Christine moved out.

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown- Instagram

If this post didn’t show just how much Janelle missed Christine, what was it showing? These two have been such close friends for so many years and have leaned on each other through thick and thin. Their fans are thrilled to see them together once again. They hope that this is a true sign that they are friends again and that they can get through anything!

What do you think about their friendship ending? Do you think that they can repair it? We would love to hear what you think about their reunion in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.




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