Janelle Brown Takes Fans To Christine’s Old Stomping Grounds

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Sister Wives fans suspect Janelle Brown might be missing her pal Christine after she did a drive-by and gave fans a quick look at her old home.

Janelle Brown missing her buddy Christine?

Over the week, Janelle gave Sister Wives fans a quick look at Christine’s old home in Flagstaff before she packed up and moved to Utah. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Janelle shared a photo of Christine’s old home. Shockingly, the home was buried pretty deep in snow. There was a pretty deep pile of snow climbing up both the front door and the garage door. The appearance had Janelle thinking the same thing fans did as they saw the photo. No one was home. And, it appeared as if no one had been there for a little while.

After explaining that the house buried and covered in snow was Christine’s old home, Janelle added that it appeared as if no one lives in the home during the winter months.

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Fans wonder if she’s missing her friend

There have been a lot of rumors swirling that Janelle and Christine are actually in the middle of a feud right now. Fans came to this conclusion because it has been about four months since Christine or Janelle posted photos on Instagram that included each other. This rumor actually grew legs when tabloids started to claim that Janelle wasn’t feeling Christine’s new man.

These various tabloids claimed someone close to the Brown family said that Janelle and Christine were not in a good place because Janelle didn’t trust David. The original report claimed that Janelle worried about David’s intentions. Moreover, the report claimed Janelle was feeling a little neglected as Christine was spending all her free time with her new man.

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This report, however, was from an anonymous source to a tabloid that has been known to report stories that ended up not being true. So, it was a report fans took with a grain of salt until someone from the family confirmed it to be true.

Will Janelle Brown also leave Flagstaff?

Sister Wives fans speculate Janelle may also make the decision to leave Flagstaff as well. Fans would love to see her move closer to Christine and have a spin-off series focused on their friendship. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, a spin-off has been confirmed focusing on Janelle and Christine after Kody. Unfortunately, there just haven’t been many details confirmed yet.

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