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Janelle Brown Reveals True Feelings About David Woolley

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Janelle Brown not liking Christine’s new boyfriend David Woolley was a shocking puzzle piece that seemed to fit as fans speculated the former sister wives were feuding. But, are Christine and Janelle actually in the middle of a feud? Does Janelle not like Christine’s beautiful bald boyfriend? Or, was this all a lie cooked up by a tabloid and an unreliable anonymous source?

Turns out, the claim that Janelle Brown was not feeling David Woolley made it all the way back to none other than Janelle. And, fans are finally going to get the truth from none other than the horse’s mouth.

So, does Janelle Brown like David Woolley? Keep reading for the truth.

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The Truth: Does Janelle Brown Like David Woolley?

According to InTouch Weekly, Janelle Brown NEVER said that she didn’t like or didn’t trust David Woolley. In fact, Janelle’s feelings for David are the opposite of the picture that was portrayed last week. Turns out, Janelle ADORES David Woolley. More specifically, she adores the way David treats Christine and makes Christine feel.

Moreover, Janelle Brown likes David because he’s a major upgrade compared to how Kody had treated Christine.

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Now, the outlet did not go on to address rumors that Christine and Janelle are having a falling out right now. But, this report doesn’t sound like a report from a scorned friend. In fact, it sounds like Janelle and Christine are just busy living their own lives in different locations right now. And, they haven’t had much time to hang out together.

The Spin-Off Doesn’t Support The Theory

Now, a spin-off focused on Janelle and Christine Brown after Kody has been confirmed. And, this spin-off confirmation doesn’t really match up with the idea that Christine and Janelle are feuding. In fact, fans assume that David will either be part of the spin-off or part of the next season of Sister Wives as a filming crew was spotted in the background of some of their posts on social media.

Moreover, Janelle Brown admitted during an interview that she wanted nothing more than for Christine to find a new man. Janelle was simply hoping that she would get along with Christine’s new man so she could still have a friendship with Christine.

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Does it surprise you that the claims Janelle did not like Christine’s boyfriend was bogus? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I think Cody planted the bogus report about Janelle not liking a Christine’s new boyfriend. He’s jealous, he wants attention, and he loves the drama. Get over yourself, Cody, she’s moved on to a REAL man!

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