How Does Janelle Brown Feel About Christine Getting Engaged?

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How does Janelle Brown feel about her former sister wife, Christine Brown getting engaged? The former third wife of Kody Brown announced her engagement to boyfriend, David Woolley earlier today. However, she is the first of Kody’s three ex-wives to get into a serious relationship. Now, Janelle is speaking out on the happy announcement. What did she have to say? Read on for more details.

How Does Janelle Brown Feel About Christine Getting Engaged?

Janelle Brown has always been a huge supporter of Christine, especially once she left their husband, Kody. They had been through so much as a plural family. Janelle completely understood why Christine Brown felt the need to exit the marriage. More so, she understood Christine’s need to leave Flagstaff and move to Utah. Christine’s older children and her granddaughter were there plus she felt a sense of home and community. When Kody gave Christine grief about keeping the profits from the sale of her Flagstaff home, Janelle stood by her sister wife.

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She knew that Christine was giving up her lot in Coyote Pass so, in her opinion, it was more than fair. The two continued to bond and go on adventures with their children. Yet, it all started to slow down once Christine began a serious relationship with David Woolley. Additionally, she had two new grandchildren, and Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie was welcoming her third child, as well. Things were hectic but they recently reunited for Christine’s granddaughter, Avalon’s second birthday.

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Then, news broke that Christine was engaged and fans awaited a response from her former family. Janelle Brown took to her Instagram stories to share how she felt. The mother of six reposted the engagement photo but added the word “HAPPY” with dancing feet attached. She seems to be very excited about how things have ultimately turned out for her former sister wife. They had once had a chat, as Christine was getting ready to leave if she could find love pushing fifty. It is clear that she did.

Love Wins

Christine was the first wife to leave Kody which was showcased at the end of Season 16 of Sister Wives. It then played out for all of Season 17. During this time, he told her that she would only find a man in Utah who was against polygamy and wanted to take advantage of her. She proved him wrong by finding a man who adores her and calls her his “queen.”

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As for Janelle Brown, her exit from the family was confirmed during the Season 17 tell-all. First wife, Meri Brown also said her marriage to Kody was over, as well. However, it seems that Christine is the only one who has truly found happiness.

Did you doubt that Janelle Brown would be thrilled for Christine and David? More so, do you think she will be a part of the wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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