Fans Think Janelle Brown Has A New Man In Her Life

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Could Janelle Brown really have a new love interest?

During the last tell-all, Janelle dropped a major bombshell when she revealed that she and Kody were completely separated. From this, many Sister Wives fans suspected she would follow the path of her friend, Christine. Now that Christine has moved back to Utah and got engaged to another man, viewers believe that Janelle will probably be next.

And recently, some of Janelle’s followers think they’ve spotted evidence of a new boyfriend. So what exactly is going on?

Janelle Brown definitely has a mystery man in an Instagram photo

Seasoned Sister Wives fans know just how much Janelle Brown enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. And since the weather is warming up, it’s time for her to get her RV ready for the summer.

Janelle Brown and the Padron twins from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/Instagram

“The trailer is ready to go for the summer!!! 🏔️🌳🦌” the TLC star began her Instagram post. “Yes it took a few weeks. Some of it was finding the time to break away and drive up there. Even though once I hit the road I’m ALWAYS glad I did. Some of it is the self doubt that still creeps in and tells me I’m crazy for breaking out of my routine and trying something really outside my box.”

She went on to say that she understands how much easier it is to stay put and keep her normal routine. However, she’s looking for ways to grow and explore.

And the photo attached to the Instagram post is what really grabbed fans’ attention.

Janelle Brown's RV from Instagram, Sister Wives
Janelle Brown/Instagram

In the RV photo, there is definitely a man standing in the image. Only his legs are visible while the rest of him is obscured by the RV. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if this is a new boyfriend.

“Janelle is that the new boyfriend hiding?” one Instagram user wondered.

“Haha no its Gabe 😀. But my children and grandchildren are the true loves of my life !” the Sister Wives star replied.

Screenshot from Janelle Brown's Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

This might temporarily squash the “new boyfriend” rumors, but plenty of Sister Wives fans think that Janelle Brown won’t be single forever.

So where does the TLC star go from here?

While some Sister Wives viewers think that Janelle will eventually move on, others aren’t so sure. As Janelle put it, she’s perfectly content to be a mother and grandmother. On top of that, she never really seemed to need Kody while they were married.

If Janelle Brown wanted to stay single for the rest of her life, she could easily make that work. Without a doubt, Janelle does love her independence.

Check back soon for the latest news on Janelle Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast.

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