Janelle Brown Shares Beet Red Face, What Happened?

Janelle Brown - Youtube

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives shared a photo of herself looking red-faced and worn down after a brutal workout session.

Red-faced Janelle Brown slays brutal work-out session

The Sister Wives star took to her Instagram Stories with a bit of an update for her fans and followers. With an extremely flushed face, Janelle had a huge smile on her face. Looking sweaty and worn out, she noted that she absolutely slayed her brutal workout session. And, now, she was ready to go spend some time doing fun things with her family.

The photo featured Janelle Brown with an extremely flushed face. Her eyes looked directly into the camera and she had a huge smile on her face flashing her teeth for the camera. Her sweaty post-workout hair was pulled back by a baby blue headband with the words “therapy in session” written across it.

Here’s the photo she shared on her Instagram Stories:

Janelle Brown - Sister Wives - Instagram
Janelle Brown – Sister Wives – Instagram

Working on herself while separated from Kody?

As fans know, Janelle and Kody confirmed during the Tell-All of the last season of Sister Wives that they were separated. Janelle Brown, however, was still pretty firm in her religious beliefs. So, as far as fans know, she’s still spiritually married to Kody. At this time, fans aren’t really sure if the couple plans on going through the motion of getting a divorce or if they plan on trying to fix things so Kody can go back to being a polygamist.

Janelle Brown revealed on her Instagram profile that she’s still planning to live on Coyote Pass. And, she’s still ready to fully embrace RV life. Some fans question what this means for her relationship with Kody. Other fans, however, think Kody and Robyn should just sell Coyote Pass as a whole to Janelle as she’s clearly the only one with any interest in being on the property.

Janelle Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
[Janelle, Kody-YouTube]

Sister Wives fans love Janelle Brown’s workout

Fans of Sister Wives adore seeing Janelle Brown continuing to work out and make changes to herself. They, however, hope she’s doing it completely for herself and not because she wants to get back with Kody. Moreover, some fans hope she’s pursuing a revenge body (like Christine appears to be doing). Most fans hope Janelle Brown will follow Christine and find someone new to give her heart to.

What do you think of Janelle Brown continuing to endure intense workouts amid her split from Kody? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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