Janelle Brown Relocating To RV Again, Where Will It Be?

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Janelle Brown is headed back to her RV again for the summer but where will it be located? The mother of six has previously parked it on the family land, Coyote Pass. However, permits were required, she is not with Kody Brown anymore, and he is at risk of losing the land. So, is there a chance she might still spend time over there? Or, does she have another place in mind? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Relocating To RV Again, Where Will It Be?

Though she has taken to apartment living, Janelle Brown had no problem staying in her RV for the summer. She bought it a few summers back as a way to finally get on the family land, Coyote Pass. It started to feel like a lost cause as they have had the lots in Arizona since 2018. Unfortunately, they still have yet to officially pay them off. Until they do, no one can build homes there. This ultimately turned out to be a good thing since three out of the four wives left Kody Brown. Christine exited the plural family in early 2021 with Janelle and Meri following in late 2022.

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However, even when Janelle Brown was still holding onto her marriage, she had plans for building a small home on CP. Living in the RV was difficult for the first summer as it was an extreme learning experience. Her youngest daughter, Savanah was especially a great trooper who did not complain about the conditions. Fortunately, she has Christine living nearby whenever she needed something. Yet, Kody refused to stay over since he had a mansion with Robyn. Now, Janelle is headed back to the RV life as summer comes closer, per Starcasm but where will she be located?


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Janelle took to Instagram and shared a photo of a mug with the letter “J” on it on a table. In the caption, she discussed how much she adored her patio. She then went on to discuss the status of the RV since apparently, fans were inquiring about it. “And for those wondering about the trailer – stay tuned – I actually have put it in a seasonal space this year and will begin the adventure of managing the trailer as an independent woman. (At least it has hookups this time around !).”

Good For Nothing Kody

As viewers may recall, when Janelle Brown had her RV and Kody had to help her, he constantly complained. He called the RV a POS at one point and felt it to be too much of a hassle. It seems like Janelle will enjoy the challenge of handling this on her own this time. Plus, she has her sons who are quite handy and always there in a crisis. Therefore, she will never lack male help.

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