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Kody Brown On Brink Of Losing Coyote Pass Property?

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Is Kody Brown on the brink of losing his Coyote Pass property? It sure seems that way. After all, he and his wives have had the land since 2018. However, they have yet to build on it and Kody maintains that they do not have the money to pay it off. Until they pay it off, they cannot do anything with it. So, is he at risk of losing what he believed to be his dream and his family’s legacy? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown On Brink Of Losing Coyote Pass Property?

According to Kody, the family cannot build on their lots until it is paid off. This has been a big issue, especially for his former second wife, Janelle. She wanted a home for herself and her family that she could leave behind. More so, she referred to it as her estate. Yet, her dreams could all be dashed as early as next year.

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According to The Celeb Talk Guy, it has been revealed via TikTok that Kody is on the verge of losing his land. Why and how are the biggest questions? It seems that the deadline to pay off the land is coming up very soon. Though it appears that half of the land is in fact paid off, the rest is not. In order to buy Coyote Pass back in 2018 gave him five years to pay everything off in full.

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If the math is correct, the five years would expire in 2023 which is next year. Sadly, if they cannot pay off the land in full by the deadline, they will lose everything. More so, the land will go into foreclosure which would put a horrible mark on Kody’s credit since he is on every deed. The family still owes around 300K on the land which is a pretty penny. Finally, Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn even stated that she felt nothing would ever get built.

Shrinking Chances

For Kody Brown, his chances of having success on Coyote Pass seemed much more plausible when he had four wives. However, his third wife, Christine left the family in early 2021. Then, in the Season 17 tell-all, both Janelle and Meri shared that they were no longer a part of the family. This leaves just Robyn in the plural family. To add to this, Janelle was the main wife who was encouraging Kody to build on the land. Plus, without sister wives, there may not be a show thus no income for Kody and Robyn to be able to afford the CP payment.

This is getting a lot messier than Kody and his family ever anticipated when they first heard the angels sing. Are you surprised that Kody is at risk of losing the land? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. now that he’s down to only Robin and she doesn’t want to work I don’t really think he cares if he loses the property or not but I thank God the other three ladies got wise to his game and left him, surely they will be more successful without that dead weight

  2. He’s a typical male that thinks he is the king of his roast, but it was evident from the start when he married Robyn he wanted only her. How is he going to support this family, he’s to lazy to work.

  3. I think that should have stayed in Vegas. They all had nice homes and everyone seemed to be happy except Cody. Isn’t he the one that wanted to move?

  4. I gave up watching it all Robin does is cry one would think that she was married to the other women as well! I think these horny men just pick up religion and said oh goodie I can have as many as I want LOL I can’t believe those women actually stayed as long as they did!

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