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It’s OVER! — Meri & Kody Brown Split After 32 Years

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It’s OVER — After 32 years of being married, Meri and Kody Brown have officially split. Arguably, this Sister Wives news both does and doesn’t come as a shock to fans. On one hand, fans aren’t surprised to learn Kody and Meri are no longer together because, in reality, they haven’t been for a very long time. On the other hand, Sister Wives fans are in shock that his first wife has finally found an ounce of dignity and admitted she’s no longer married to this man.

Meri Brown confirms split from Kody

People Magazine dropped an exclusive preview of this week’s episode of Sister Wives. During the episode, Meri sits down with Sukanya Krishnan to discuss her relationship with Kody. The host has Meri watch a clip from this season of the series. During this clip, Kody Brown is in a confessional. He admits to the camera that he doesn’t see himself as being married to Meri anymore. In fact, Kody went on to admit he would give his blessing if Meri found another man she wanted to be with.

Meri Brown [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]
While Meri Brown didn’t seem to have much of a reaction to the clip, she tells Sukanya Krishnan that she is shocked to hear Kody say they are no longer together. Her surprise, however, doesn’t stem from some misguided belief they are still a couple. What she finds shocking was the fact that Kody was so willing to admit the end of their relationship to people.

Meri Brown proceeded to explain to Sukanya Krishnan she found the confessional to be so surprising because they had talked about coming out and making a public statement that they were not married to each other. She tells the story as if it was her idea and she wanted to go public with the information. Kody Brown, however, shut the idea down telling Meri that he didn’t want news of their divorce to be public.

Kody Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown – YouTube

He was too embarrassed to tell people

This bombshell feeds into what fans already assumed was that Kody’s problem, at the core, is he doesn’t care about being divorced. He just doesn’t want the embarrassment that comes with people knowing about his failed marriage. From his point of view, as long as no one knew they were officially broken up, there was no knowledge of his embarrassing failed marriage. After all, his marriage with Meri Brown was the foundation he used to build a plural family with Robyn, Janelle, and Christine.

Now, the only one left standing is Robyn. Kody is no longer a polygamist because he only has one wife. Will he look for more wives to have a plural family once more? Or, is he ready to be monogamous with Robyn? Moreover, does Robyn want to be monogamous with him?

sister wives stars meri and kody brown

Are you surprised Meri Brown has fessed up that she and Kody are no longer together? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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