Fred Lewis Has Some News That Will Interest ‘Gold Rush’ Fans

Fred Lewis, Gold Rush - Instagram

Gold Rush fans who are keeping track of who is mining gold this spring will want to know the latest news. Fred Lewis just posted something on his social media referring to whether or not he will be back. What is his latest news?

What Gold Rush News Did Fred Lewis Reveal?

On Saturday, Fred Lewis posted on Instagram an important message. He revealed something that fans of the Discovery show Gold Rush will want to hear. He is headed to the Yukon to mine gold. The first part of the message shared that he is feeling good and ready to go. “Mmmmmmm hmmm feeling good and bout to leave for the Yukon, ferry is dropping soon which means snow and ice is cleared on top of the world.”

What is this ferry that Fred referring to? There is a ferry that goes across the Yukon River. Without this ferry, Fred, and other miners are unable to get to their sites. The ferry takes them in their vehicles across the river and they drive out to their claims. However, first, the snow, and ice have to break up for the ferry to safely move across the vast river. Once the water is moving, and much of the ice is melted, the mining season can officially begin. Then, the ferry can take hopeful gold miners across the river.

Fred Lewis, Gold Rush - Instagram
Fred Lewis, Gold Rush – Instagram

Is Fred Lewis Late Mining Gold?

Meanwhile, Gold Rush fans may look at social media and wonder what is going on. Some of the other miners like Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets have crews that are already digging into the dirt. They are busy removing overburden. How did they get to their claims so early? Both men are millionaire gold miners who have to get their seasons started fast. Therefore, it is likely that they are taking a small plane or helicopter to their mining sites.

Parker, in particular, frequently has taken small planes all over the world. It seems very likely that this Alaskan native is used to using this form of transportation, instead of waiting for Mother Nature to cooperate so that he can use the ferry. No matter what, Parker and Tony have a head start on the 2023 gold mining season.

Fred Lewis, Gold Rush - Instagram
Fred Lewis, Gold Rush – Instagram

Fred Lewis Promises Gold Rush Fans Something Special This Season

Besides letting Gold Rush fans know that he is returning to the Yukon soon, Fred Lewis also shared some news that fans may look forward to. “Thanks to Elon and @starlinksofficial I can travel with both my peloton and mobile internet which means look for live BTS and possibly even some lengthy podcasts on life on the mine. We may even throw some live broadcasts to test the waters!! Connectivity will be very interesting since we are so used to not having it!”

Fred Lewis thanked Elon Musk’s Starlink. This is a satellite that a lot of off-gridders love because this device gives quality broadband internet. Moreover, it allows streaming. Because of Starlink, Fred promises to share a lot of live streams, and BTS. Hopefully, fans of the Discovery show will also see him find some good gold!

Are you looking forward to Fred Lewis returning for Gold Rush Season 14? Let us know in the comments.

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