Why Is ‘Jeopardy!’ Replacing ‘Shark Tank’ Tonight On ABC?

Shark Tank is not on tonight with a new episode for the third time in the last month. Much like its previous few absences, it is all about other significant events coming to ABC that forced the show to move to a later date. This time, it is about Jeopardy!

Here is why Shark Tank isn’t on TV tonight and why Jeopardy! is playing on ABC in its place.

Why is Shark Tank not on TV tonight?

Shark Tank will not be live tonight on ABC. This is the third time in the past two months that the show ended up preempted. The first time was because of the start of the NBA playoffs, which saw opening-round action take place on Friday night on ABC. After that, it seemed the way was clear. However, two weeks later, it was time for the NFL Draft, and the second round took place on Friday night on ABC.

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Now, it is time for another major event to move the reality show out of its place on the schedule. This time it isn’t a sporting event. On Friday night, the Jeopardy! Masters tournament will have a round and this means it will air in place of Shark Tank.

The Jeopardy! Masters tournament brings back past winners to compete for a grand prize and it runs from May 8 through May 24, which is when the finals air on ABC. The difference between this and other Jeopardy! tournaments is that it takes place over various nights, and will preempt shows along the way based on which night it airs.

Tonight was the only Friday night on the schedule, as Games 7 & 8 take place in the tournament. It is also the only time the show airs on a night other than Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After tonight, there will be six episodes left before crowing the champion on Wednesday, May 24.

When will Shark Tank return to ABC with a new episode?

There is good news and bad news for Shark Tank fans. The good news is that this is the last week the show will get preempted for something else on ABC. However, the bad news is that is because the show will return to TV next week for its season finale.

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On Friday night, May 19, Season 14 will end with four new entrepreneurs looking for help in building their businesses. That finale will see an undergarment device called the Tucky Belt, which helps a person make any shirt look stylish. Tones of Melanin Collegiate Wear is a company that makes collegiate clothes in support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The Eyewris Folding Reading Glasses are reading glasses that actually fold over and clamp to a person’s wrist for easy access. Finally, the last product for the season finale will be the Influencers in the Wild Board Game, a game that pokes fun at social media internet influencers.

What are your feelings about Shark Tank getting preempted yet again during this most recent season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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