How To Watch Controversial ‘Bluey’ Banned Episode Online

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The controversial Bluey episode, “Dad Baby,” has never been shown on Disney+ along with the rest of the popular children’s series’s episodes. There is one episode that Disney+ banned, although the streaming service never explained why. However, that episode is now online for anyone to stream and see what the big deal is.

Here is how to watch “Dad Baby” online and why the Bluey episode isn’t on Disney+

Why Was Bluey ‘Dad Baby’ Banned On Disney+?

When scrolling through Bluey episodes on Disney+, fans will notice one episode missing. This is the episode “Dad Baby.” The streaming service has offered no reason why it isn’t on Disney+, but many fans feel that the reason is the plot.

Bluey Dad Baby / YouTube

In “Dad Baby,” Chilli and Bandit are in the living room relaxing when Bingo comes in with something and asks what it is. Bandi says it is a baby carrier, and you place a baby in it when walking around to keep it safe so you don’t have to carry the baby in your arms. Bandit puts it on and Bluey comes up with a fun game they can play.

Bluey wants Bandit to pretend he is pregnant with Boingo, and he should do it “properly.” This was a callback to an earlier moment when Bandit told Bluey that if she cleans, she always needs to do it “properly.” Bandit agrees to play along and the game ends with him in the inflatable backyard pool where he “delivers” Bingo and the family laughs at the fun they had.

The episode is not included on Disney+; many fans feel it is because it is about “sex education.” While it in no way is about that topic, the idea of the man carrying the baby might have been too much for some parents, and Disney+ always plays it safe in these situations.

‘Dad Baby’ Is Now Available Online

However, the good news is that fans can now watch this Bluey episode online. The episode is on the official Bluey YouTube page. You can watch it right here:

This is likely good news for Bluey creator Joe Brumm as well. He stands behind this episode and talked about it in an interview. Brumm said that with preschool kids, you can’t put out episodes that could get a child hurt. He said he would never argue against that. However, it is different when it comes to “offensive” material.

“The other one is more about taste,” Brumm said (via THR). “Some of them, like ‘Dad Baby’ for instance, doesn’t get shown in America. But what are you going to do, not make ‘Dad Baby’? I love it.”

There Were Other Banned Bluey Episodes

This wasn’t the only banned or censored Bluey episode either. In “Fruit Bat,” a scene was changed that showed Bluey slipping around on a bathroom floor pretending to be a penguin. That was edited out of UK broadcasts so kids wouldn’t emulate it and hurt themselves.

Bluey and his family at the table / YouTube

In “Markets,” a unicorn named Buttermilk pooped and the Disney+ episode edited out the actual poo from the scene. “Trains” also edited out a scene on Disney+ where Bandit pretends to smear imaginary poop on his face to amuse Bluey. “Family Meeting” was banned for a time in the United States because of a joke about farting.

In the episode “Teasing,” the term “ooga booga” was used, a term with racial connotations in Australia. “Daddy Robot” used the same episode and both were banned in America until the phrases were changed to “shoobi-doo-wop.”

The episode “Daddy Putdown” has a similar story to “Dad Baby.” In this episode, Bongo asks Bandit how babies get into their mother’s bellies. His response was edited out of the Disney+ episode. In “Perfect,” the Disney+ version also removed a conversation about dogs being neutered since that was considered non-consentual and sexual. It replaced it with a conversation about having teeth removed.

What are your thoughts about Disney+ banning “Dad Baby” from its streaming service? Are you surprised so many Bluey episodes were either censored or banned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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