‘Dr. Stone’ Season 3 Gets Official English Dub Release Date

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Nick Davis

Toonami has given the official release date of the premiere for the first Dr. Stone Season 3 English dub episodes.

Dr. Stone: New World, the third season of the cult-hit anime, has been well underway for some time now. But the episodes fans have thus far are all in the original Japanese, only available for enjoyment by English viewers with subtitles. That’s all coming to an end this summer, however, with the release of the English dub episodes. Toonami recently gave the news of when dub fans can expect Season 3’s premiere episode to arrive.

The English Dub Arrives

The news came via the social media for Adult Swim’s anime block Toonami recently. Amidst their whole schedule for the upcoming weeks, comes the quiet news that Dr. Stone Season 3 will premiere its first episode with Toonami on June 4th.

dr stone poster
A poster for ‘Dr. Stone’

The remaining episodes of the first half of the season should air every week following the premiere. Dr. Stone: New World is split into two halves. The second half hasn’t begun to air yet, in English, Japanese, or otherwise. So, the dub obviously won’t be arriving in North America until it’s already had its Japanese premiere.

It’s worth noting that this is only the network premiere of the Dr. Stone Season 3 English dub. Crunchyroll already began premiering the dub starting on April 20th, just weeks after the Japanese premiere. That’s an extremely fast turnaround rate for a dub. Especially in comparison to the constant delays of the Attack On Titan English dub. Of the 6 episodes currently out, 4 of them have English dubs on Crunchyroll as of right now.

Other shows on Toonami’s schedule for June 4th include One PieceNaruto: Shippuden, and My Hero Academia.

The Future Of Dr. Stone

Season 3 of Dr. Stone will put the show a good way over the halfway point of the manga source material. The season began by adapting the material from Volume 11 of the manga. In total, there are 26 volumes of the series that just ended in the latter half of 2022. If the show continues adapting the source material at the rate it’s done it thus far, that means there are still quite a few seasons to come. It’s unlikely that the show will end before at least pumping 3 or 4 more seasons out there. So the New World for Dr. Stone truly is just the first step into a new path for the story to take.

dr stone ryusui
Ryusui of ‘Dr. Stone’

Dr. Stone Season 3 has its first 6 episodes out now in Japanese with English subtitles. The first episode of the English dub is premiering in the US on June 4th.

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