How To Watch ‘Dr. Stone: Ryusui’

dr stone ryusui
Nick Davis

Dr. Stone is one of the most popular anime series in the world right now. The end of the award-winning manga series came in March of this year. That means the fans only have the anime to cling to from now on. And, thankfully, there’s plenty of anime out there to watch. The first 2 seasons of Dr. Stone are available to watch now, as well as the recent release of Dr. Stone: Ryusui. But where is all this available? We’ve got the info for any longtime or aspiring new fans out there.

Dr. Stone: Ryusui

dr stone ryusui
Ryusui of ‘Dr. Stone: Ryusui’

Dr. Stone: Ryusui is meant to be the bridge between Seasons 2 and 3. A special episode to hold viewers over while we wait for the Season 3 premiere, which is currently set for April 2023. The special focuses on the side character Ryusui Nanami. A fan favorite that viewers are happy to learn more about through this episode. Ryusui offers to help the series’ main character Senku navigate a land only Ryusui knows so that Senku can find a rare item. But Ryusui has conditions for his assistance.

Dr. Stone is a story that follows Senku as he attempts to restore a petrified world. Clashing ideologies between Senku and a powerful man named Tsukasa lead to Senku’s new world not beginning the way he wanted. Both the manga and the anime are extremely successful. The manga won a Shogakukan Manga Award in the shonen category back in 2019 for its outstanding quality.

The special, as well as both seasons of Dr. Stone, are exclusively available on a single platform in the west. That platform is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll holds the exclusive license and are currently streaming the entire show. They are also planning on being the exclusive provider of Season 3 for everywhere in the world outside of Asia. They have both seasons with English subtitles and dubbing. Or, if you’re from outside of the English-speaking world, they also have dubs in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

More Dr. Stone To Come

Dr. Stone: Ryusui came out the other day, and Season 3 is already on the way to follow it up. The title of the new season is said to be Dr. Stone: New World. Overall, the anime has an impressive turnover time between seasons. Since the premiere in 2019, they’ve done 35 episodes over 2 seasons, as well as this new special. In comparison to shows like Mob Psycho 100 and Attack On Titan, that’s lightning-fast with their new content, which holds similar levels of action.

Dr. Stone Seasons 1 and 2, as well as Dr. Stone: Ryusui are out on Crunchyroll now. Season 3 is set to arrive in April of next year.

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