‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bird Brown Offers Health Update To Fans

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Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown has offered fans a health update. Last season, fans watching the show watched in horror as Bird learned she had two large tumors in her abdomen. She had to have them removed and spent the season recovering. However, there will always be a chance of cancer.

Here is what Bird had to say about her health, and why she is heading in to have another medical procedure in the near future.

Bird Brown offers health update

Bird Brown promised an upcoming health update a full month ago and then went radio silent. For fans who were worried about Bird after she said she had a health update and then disappeared, there is nothing to worry about. Bird came back on her Instagram account on May 7 and delivered the update.

She started out by saying she promised a health update “a week or so ago” (it was actually on April 10), so it was clear she just lost track of time. However, the update did contain some concerning information. It looks like Bird is not out of the woods yet when it comes to the tumors she had removed. More so, it is something that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.

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In the update, Bird said that she has to go in every two months to get bloodwork done to keep an eye on her health. Because she chose not to get a full hysterectomy, there is a chance that the tumors will return. She said in the video that it is almost assured that the tumors will return sometime in the future. However, she chose against the hysterectomy to keep open the option to have children in the future.

Unfortunately, there was also some bad news. During her last doctor’s visit, there was fluid buildup in her scar tissue. This is something that can happen after surgery, and it is something they need to watch since she had cystic tumors (there was fluid in one of them). This has persisted for a couple of months. Therefore, she has to have another small procedure done to make sure that it isn’t anything bad.

What happened to Bird Brown last season on Alaskan Bush People?

Bird Brown went through a ton of health problems last season onĀ Alaskan Bush People. In May 2023, she had two very large tumors removed. They were borderline, which means they were not cancerous. However, the recovery from her surgery was rough. The good news is that she was able to recover from the surgery.

Bird Brown on IG

In the video, she said that she can lift her big cats and hay and do all her chores. However, as the season showed, she wasn’t able to do much for the months after the surgery and needed help all along the way.

Despite the surgery and pain, Bird took a trip to Alaska. It was there that she almost overdid everything, needing her brother Gabe and sister Rain to help keep her safe. Now, she has to go in for a new appointment and then have the procedure. Bird promised to keep her fans updated on the new situation.

Please help send well wishes in the comments below to Bird Brown as she continues to deal with her health issues.

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  1. I have watched you all from the beginning and wish you the best. love who you are and your love for animals and the world of nature . you and your mom and sister are strong women . I Being from Washington welcome you all to my native home . and wish more women were like you. God bless you and your family and wish you good health and happiness.

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