‘Below Deck:’ Heather Chase Quits Yachting, What Happened?

Heather Chase Selfie [Source: Heather Chase - Instagram]

Below Deck alum Heather Chase quit yachting. She had a controversial debut on the Bravo series. Find out what happened to the former chief stew.

Below Deck Season 9 racism controversy

Heather Chase made her debut on Season 9 of Below Deck. She was not easily accepted by the viewers for her work ethic. What also didn’t help matters was her racism controversy. During that season, Heather said the n-word twice during a drunken night out.

She also said in the midst of her co-star and crew member Rayna Lindsey, who is black. The controversy dragged out for much of the season. Rayna accepted Heather’s apology at first. However, she didn’t believe the chief stew, nor did she trust her.

Heather Chase Mirror Selfie [Source: Heather Chase -  Instagram]
[Source: Heather Chase – Instagram]
“I am sorry for the hurt my ignorance caused Rayna in tonight’s episode,” Heather Chase wrote on Instagram at the time. “While I apologized to Rayna throughout the season, I cannot express enough how truly remorseful I am. Part of my responsibility as Chief Stewardess is to provide a welcoming, safe environment for the crew and I fell short. Over the past nine months since this episode was filmed, I have learned how my words and actions can affect others and I vow to do better in the future.”

It caused issues between the two for much of the season, especially when Heather used the n-word again. Below Deck fans also demanded the show promptly fire Heather from the show. Captain Lee Rosbach shared his thoughts on the scandal. He admitted that he would’ve fired her on the spot if someone on the crew would’ve brought this up to him.

Heather Chase retires from the yachting industry

Heather Chase hasn’t returned to the show since. She shared her travels with her fans on Instagram. Yet, she shocked fans when she shared a new statement. This time, Heather announced that she retired from the yachting industry.

“IF YOU COULD ASK A CAPTAIN ANYTHING, what would you want to know??? ⚓️” Heather Chase wrote in her Instagram post. “Next week Daniel and I are gonna be working on something special and we want to know what you would want to ask a captain with 18yrs experience.. the best man I’ve ever worked for (and that was before I ever knew I’d fall in love with him 🤣) ”

Heather Chase & Boyfriend [Source: Heather Chase -  Instagram]
[Source: Heather Chase – Instagram]
She’s working on her last charter with her boyfriend Daniel, who works as a boat captain. She’s glad to close out her career with him by her side. Heather also teased a new project in the works. She’s excited about what’s to come for both of them.

Below Deck fans flocked to the comment section to wish her luck. Others raved about the beautiful couple. What are your thoughts on Heather Chase quitting the yachting industry? Sound off below in the comment section.

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