Did Heather Chase Get Fired From ‘Below Deck’? Eddie Lucas Speaks Out

Eddie Lucas, Heather Chase

Below Deck fans are dying to know if Heather Chase will get fired from the show. The chief stew has spoken out about the n-word controversy. In a previous episode of the hit series, she uttered the word not once, but a few times. Deckhand Rayna Lindsey heard her say it and even warned her about using the word.

The incident took place during the crew dinner. The two rapped along to a song as they returned to the yacht. First, Rayna said the n-word then Heather copied her. Then, she continued to say the word later in the crew mess.

Heather apologized after the episode aired. Yet, fans and Rayna don’t think it’s enough. They think she should get fired. Read on to see whether she got fired and for first officer Eddie Lucas’ thoughts on the matter.

Below Deck fans demand chief stew’s firing

The fans have not forgotten about this incident. They found it weird that Bravo avoided this controversy. Shortly after the episode aired on Monday, December 13, the network failed to acknowledge the incident. They aired an old episode of Watch What Happens Live instead of a live one.

Since then, Below Deck fans have been demanding that Bravo fire the chief stew from the show. They argued that both the network and production let the incident slide. While Heather has apologized, fans are not as forgiving. They called for her to be fired from the Bravo series.

  • “We are gonna need Heather fired from Below Deck immediately!”
  • “Below Deck Med fired a deckhand for posting a racist meme once. why does Heather still have a job?”
  • “The difference they’re showing Heather is truly inexcusable.”

Fans are noticing the differences between Below Deck and Vanderpump Rules. In June 2020, the network fired both original and new cast members from the show for their past racist comments and actions. So far, the network has been silent on this matter. Rayna took to her Instagram Stories to slam Bravo for not taking adequate action.

Below Deck Heather Chase Apologizes For Using N-Word [Credit: Heather Chase/Instagram]
[Credit: Heather Chase/Instagram]

Eddie Lucas address Heather Chase’s firing

Rumors are swirling that Heather’s position could come to an end. Her co-star Eddie Lucas addressed the calls about her firing and what happened after those scenes aired. When he first learned about the incident, he was shocked that Heather said the n-word more than once during the show.

It disappointed him so much, that he encouraged Captain Lee Rosbach to fire Heather from the yacht. He mentioned that Rayna brought it up so casually in conversation that caught him off-guard. Eddie denied that he brushed what Rayna said under the rug. He said that he took it so seriously that he escalated it to the boss.

[Screenshot: Bravo]
[Screenshot: Bravo]
“I couldn’t believe [Heather] said it,” Eddie Lucas said at a recent virtual YourEncore event. “Heather shouldn’t have said that word. In no way would I brush racism under the rug. The conversation was probably about a half-hour long in real life, and if you recall in the conversation that they did show, I did say that’s not OK.”

Eddie was ready to defend Rayna whenever she was ready. He could tell that it bothered her as the season went on. So, he tried to bring it up to her again. Eddie teased that he held a meeting with Heather, Rachel, Captain Lee, and himself. But Rachel called out their “ignorance” and refused to accept Heather’s apology.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Do you think Heather Chase should get fired from the show? Do you think she will? Sound off below in the comment section. Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Chanel Adams


  1. If Heather gets fired so should Rayna, period!! Why should Rayna get a pass on using the word and calling other people racist names?? Just because she’s black shouldn’t give her a pass!! That’s what’s called a double standard and that’s unexceptable! Rayna is a racist even more so because she aimed the names at people where as Heather was repeating and singing it. So if ones going to lose their jobs, they both should lose them, PERIOD!!

    1. You are a fucking idiot we are black women who can use the word if she calls someone white the n word it really wouldn’t matter you know why because they are WHITE SO IT don’t matter her white ASS SHOULD NEVER HAVE SAID IT PERIOD AND SHE NEEDS RO BE FIRED..

      1. And you need to go back to school, your english is horrible. My point, what makes it right for blacks to say it if such a horrible word. It’s even in rap songs. Im white and all my life ive never heard any of my white friends refer to themselves as crackers. Don’t say it at all if u don’t want to hear it. Case closed. Look for drama elsewhere. For the record, i have a ton of black friends and they never say the n word.

        1. I agree. That person needs to go back to school and learn how to speak English. She is the fucking idiot. Get a life bitch. Learn about your history.

        2. No. Rayna said it and should not have. Heather repeating was wrong but not fire-able. If you rewatch the season you will see that Rayna had a fit and changed her demeanor after finding out Jake was engaged; flirting with Fraser and then Heather. Rayna even two faced Jessica as she ran to Fraser telling all about Jessica. Rayna is a troubled soul. If it was important to Rayna, and she felt she wasn’t getting anywhere with Eddie, why not go to Captain Lee. I think the producers amped up the storyline and now realize it backfired as S9 was the worst and most boring off all season. They better throw it out the park for S10 (no Malia, Bugsy please) as they will bury this show permanently.

          1. Have you ever worked in Human Relations? This is a Title VI civil rights offense. That the Captain came back and defended Heather, instead of calling the Company, is really bad.

            But hey, I guess they don’t need Black people’s money anyway, right?

          2. Well, we just can’t believe that you have all of the answers, thank you for educating everybody, you’re ridiculous, you don’t know anything, are you in show business? Do you know the storyline? You’re ridiculous. I don’t believe that because Bravo has removed people in the past for it. You don’t know what you’re talking about and Heather, should she should be removed for saying it in the first place, and a black person can say it because when they’re saying it it doesn’t mean anything derogatory but when a white person is saying it it does it’s their culture I don’t agree with anybody saying it but if they’re saying it to each other that’s on them and there’s nothing wrong with them saying it but if a white person says that word we know they mean
            something different a white person has no right to say that word ever you can’t be that dumb and not know that when a white person says it they’re saying it to be racist come on now SMH..

        3. Amen. don’t want to hear the N word don’t utter the N word. In England Indians from India are called the N word as an Anglo-Indian I have always hated it. stands for ignorance!

        4. But why should she accept her apology Heather is white, she should have known better, she can’t be this stupid or ignorant, not realizing it’s wrong to say that word come on. Everybody knows white people should not say this word because of how white people have always used it. You all are acting like it’s ok, because black people use it all the time, or well, I don’t know, but white people should never use this word, and you know it, if you’re white, and you say this word, you’re doing it deliberately, because, you know, when a white person says it, what they mean by it, and that’s the difference, she may not of meant anything by it or not, doesn’t matter, she knew better than to say it at all white people have no right to say that word ever…

          1. If it’s used as part of the lyrics of a song, a person OF ANY RACE singing the song is immediately considered to be a racist?
            I think not.
            Rayna, though I enjoy most of her antics, made this into something it wasn’t.
            They were all drinking, having fun, enjoying each other’s company, listening to music, singing songs and just being free spirits with each other.
            It was SO very obvious that there was ZERO ill-intent or racism inferred when Rayna and Heather were singing the Rap song.
            Rayna made their fun, friendly and harmless night off antics into something they weren’t.
            RAYNA, for attention, turned an innocent night of drinking fun into a false accusation of it being a RACIST-intended action knowing damn well that there was ZERO thoughts of racism going through ANYONE’S mind except RAYNA’S. It’s a horrible term used constantly in too many songs. Actually, I believe the use of that word is meant to describe the CHARACTER of a person more so than the color of their skin.
            At least, that’s my take on it.
            Regardless, it’s just not a nice word to use… BY ANYONE.

      2. If you don’t want the word used, quit saying it yourselves. Rayna has been playing the race card too much. This is utter bs. If Heather gets fired, done. Rayna should though. Or she at the very least needs to be lectured on playing perpetual victim.

        1. I totally agree with you. Her whole attitude and dismissiveness of Heather. Can she read her mind that she wasn’t honest. She LIED every time she accepted an apology. Hypocrit.

      3. I’m dumb?? Why would you need to use such an ignorant word in the first place? That’s the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think? Just because you are black don’t give you a right to be a racist yourself!! Ignorance is no excuse and that’s it is!! Grow up!

      4. Her white ass!?! So that is a racist comment!! You can’t complain about something you claim is racist with a racist comment. So, should you be fired from your job for making the white ass comment? You can’t have it both ways!

      5. Agree. If it is OK for Rayna to say the n word then she should not consider it bad. Heather was just repeating what Rayne said, and it is in music all the time, so are white people not supposed to say that word when singing a published song when the black is the one that put it in there? Rayna should be fired due to her lying over the apology and he persistent whining.

        1. There are non black rappers who are extremely popular, sorry I don’t listen to it by choice but I do hear it sometimes. But even they say the N word bc they are in the club.
          Rayna was toxic. If someone hurt me so bad but turned around after reflection and offered me not 1 but 2 very sincere apologies, hey I might not want to be their best friend but I would accept the apology and move on. See Rayna wanted blood. Sorry isn’t good enough for her, she won’t be happy until the person who wrongs her is not only fired but that bc it’s on TV, that will prevent potential employment.

      6. You’re at a control. 1st off she didn’t say it to her she was repeating what reina said. What were not allowed to say the word? So in another words we can never like rap songs and sing those songs, right with the N word in all the time !!get a life !! If she was definitely calling her that word then yes she should get fired but she did not.

      7. Nice language love.You should be ashamed of yourself and your potty mouth, really makes you look good.Rayna is just as racist and so lazy,. She had it in for Heather way before anything happened, as she was jealous that Jake liked heather better than her lazy butt!

      8. If you are black and use the word it should be even LESS okay. The word should just be wiped out of the encyclopedia. If it had TRULY bothered Rayna so much she should have gone to Capitan Lee, not tell Heather it was cool and YET she was still seething. Did she prolong it so she could stay on and not be fired? Lots of ????

        1. I can understand a little bit of what you’re saying, but no white person should ever say this ever, I don’t like it when anybody says it, but it is more acceptable when black people do, they use it more as a cultural reference, so it’s up to them if they want to use the word, or not when they are using it towards one another, it’s not meant as disrespect, but when a white person says it, it is meant as disrespect or a slight, and it is racism white people have no right to say it, I understand what you’re saying black people saying it but it’s not going to change hopefully. One day, no one will say this word.

      9. You’re absolutely right. She had no right to be saying it in the first place, she can’t be that ignorant or stupid, I agree with you completely, a white person has no right saying that word. That’s really messed up and she needs to be fired.

      1. I agree! I think Heather absolutely meant no harm. She was singing along and having a good time. People sing lyrics that’s what we do! Rayna should have been honest with Heather if it truly bothered her. She acted like everything was fine and for Heather to basically not worry about it yet went behind her back and acted like a victim. Heather addressed the issue more then once. If the word was such a big deal A) stop saying it, B) stop telling Heather you accept her apology only to turn around and bitch about it! This was also not part of them working and they where out on there own time. Rayna needs to step back and look at the episode and her actions throughout the season.

        1. You took the words right out of my mouth! Rayna was passive aggressive the entire season. She was never honest with Heather about how she actually felt, and how many times must someone apologize before it is accepted!? There was no malicious intent at all by Heather, but Rayna sure loves playing the victim.

          1. I think there were more layers to the relationship between these 2; 1)Raynas constant verbal attacks on anyone giving orders and 2) This was the same evening Heather & Jake began getting close. Rayna seems to forget Jake was singing too, so why did he get a pass?

          2. Poor Heather wasn’t trying to directly call Reyna the n word at all. Society today makes me sad. If Heather wanted to call Reyna a name it should have been the c word, at least there would be no argument or need for apologies.

    2. I completely agree. I also don’t think it’s ok to constantly put that word in songs & then attack someone of a different race for singing the song. Not OK!

      1. I believe it is a good punishment for stupid non black people who listen to rap music which includes N word and memorize cut lyrics! Because they care to memorize the stupid lyrics, let them sing it and let them get fired. if they had an ounce of brain they would not memorize such derogatory lyrics by such rappers.
        what goes around comes around and Heather being stupid to follow Reyna’s mimicking stupid lyrics, deserves what she gets! let this be lesson for non black people: do not BUY and do not listen to music and lyrics which have N word and do not memorize them.

      2. This racist stuff is such a double standard. Blacks can call whites crackers and is a ok, but damn the one that slips the n word.

        1. Yes… there is a double standard. Why?? Because of White Privilege. Reverse racism definitely exists however… our white history is so horrendous that we should never ever utter racial slurs. It’s worse when WE say it. So blame our ancestors and the disgusting way they’ve treated races other than their own, and today’s current continual white privilege. Heather screwed up but she’s paying the price…

    3. Yup, supposedly it is ok for racism when it is any non caucasian against a caucasian but stop the world when a white person says something… WTF

      You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    4. Totally agree! The n-word is a derogatory term, and Rayna used it in a derogatory manner to verbally attack another crew member. Heather repeated her drunkenly not intending to insult anyone, similar to someone repeating a song lyric. The intent is what matters, not the word used. Rayna should be fired, at least Heather recognized and apologized for her unsavory, drunken behavior. Double standard for sure

    5. I agree. Rayna said it first and when Heather said it with her, Rayna said nothing. She acted like they were great friends. If she had a problem with it & was so damn offended by the word why did she say it & keep saying it & not say anything in the moment. Then after Heather apologized, Rayna accepted & said I got you, but then turned around and told another member how mad she was. If people are so offended by this word then stop saying it, stop putting it in music! But don’t call each other that & make music out of it & when a white person repeats it demand their life to be ruined. It’s a word not an action. It’s a double standard & btw black people talk shit about white people all the time but there’s no word we can call them out on & Im sick of it! Respect each other! That’s it! Show each other respect & kindness. It’s that black & white!

    6. Agree 100%. It’s in songs and why not fire the people that sing the songs also. This is stupid. Rayna says it first and then gets offended.

      1. Soooo true!!Riena made it as though HEATHER
        R said it to hurt her!!B.S
        Riena just wanted to make it something when it was NOTHING!!THROUGH YHE WHOLE SHOW!!I!!Her name should be DRAMA!!!!I. IF Heather was calling her that or used it in ANY NEGATIVE WAY,then she would Absolutely Be in the Wrong and should be fired!!!! BUT,GUESS WHAT ,SHE DIDNT!!!!!FACTS!!!

    7. Not to mention when the other deckhand said I think this is going to be a good
      charter and Rayna said “duh, cuz they’re black”. What if a white crew member said that about white guests? So Rayna should get fired for being racist also.

    8. Totally agree. Heather was only singing the words to a song. Can only black people say that word? NOT!!!
      I agree that if Heather gets fired, then so should Rayna. No one is allowed to have it both ways.

    9. Absolutely right! Why not put warnings on songs that white peoples are going to be called racist if they sing the lyrics.
      Ryan’s had a stick up or two up her ads from the minute she got on the ship.

    10. I agree that Rayna has a chip on her shoulder, feels entitled, and is using the event to torture Heather and twist the knife one more time. Rayna should be big enough to accept the apology and realize She has most of the advantages today. Otherwise, if she can’t move on, fire Rayna.

    11. How are we ever going to come together if there’s absolutely no forgiveness for a word thrown out without malice? Seems Rayna is the one with malice… continuing to focus hatred and anger on Heather, even after she sincerely apologized and Rayna supposedly accepted it. Girl needs to grow up and get her some Jesus.

      Okay, and am I the only one who thinks Eddie Lucas is a total douche canoe for the way he handled this? Like grow a pair and stop letting her use this to be a lazy whiny employee. Also, seriously asking the captain to fire Heather? Whatever, man… he’s a twat.

      1. I agree!! Eddie just doesn’t want to be the next cancel culture victim and lose his job and NEVER become a caption!!!!! So instead of standing up for what is right he rolls over…

    12. No! Heather shouldn’t be Fired! This is so crazy 😜 1 Apology is enough for normal ppl, Rayna had to be dramatic and go on the show and obviously had an ulterior motive to Represent BLM ✊🏿 the entire season, WTF!
      Again, double Standard! It’s ok for her to yell out the N ….. but not White ppl? I’m so sick and tired of this.
      And of course now she wants to play the “Rosa Parks” role and demand for the cancellation of the show! Lol 😂

    13. I agree 💯💯 with you that Rayna is the most racist person on the show. Heather apologized multiple times & was remorseful. I dont care if Rayna is black, white, brown, beige, whatever–Rayna is an immature little b*tch & proved it over the season!!

  2. If Heather loses her job.and Rayna doesn’t you will lose a fan of the show! I’m tirednof double standards and why should Rayna get s pass for being even more of a racist in my eyes than Heather. Rayna aimed her racist remarks at people where as Heather did not! Heather simply repeated after Rayna, but Rayna has been mean and hateful and made racist remarks.towards Jake and Heather If not more. She’s constantly making horrible remarks towards white people and that’s unacceptable, plain and simple!

    1. Absolutely NOT! She should not be fired. This cancel culture crap has just gone too far. I wonder whether Rayna would’ve been fired had she said the word “cracka”? Heather AND Rayna were singing to a rap song. Rayna said the n word first, so because she’s black she gets a pass? That’s discriminatory in and off itself. Equality be damned I guess huh?

      1. I say exactly the same thing. If you don’t want the new generation saying the n word. Stop saying yourself. Don’t put it in music. When white people sing the same song their a raciest. I call discrimination and bullshit I didn’t like Heather and her high and mighty ways but she shouldn’t have been fired. You want to fire someone Eddie fire Rayna for saying the word first. And her loud mouth talking over everyone makes me fast foward every time she starts her quack quack.

    2. Get rid of Rayna. She is only trying to get to some kind of tv attention. I don’t hear anything from her about cop killing songs or how it’s mostly black people that rob and steal from their own communities over a court judgement

    3. I’ve been watching this show and MANY others on this channel. If they fire heather I’m canceling this channel out!!!!!

  3. I have been a superfan of
    Below Deck since the first show aired. I understand that the ratings sre important ,but above it all the dignity and respect of each crew member is paramount. I disagree with the other comments about cancelled culture, because its about racial awareness and accountability.The Bravo has set a good standard about racial and sexual equality in our society and it should continue to promote it. It is NOT OK anymore to be racist and we need continue to promote the awareness that we are one ,the human kind.

    1. what the he’ll r u talking about!!Heather did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.God, get a grip!! Heather was not being racist in any sense of the word. You need to re watch the show. !!

  4. Neither of them should be fired for the rap song N word which Rayna started. However Rayna should be reported to Capt Lee for foul language and poor performance. She should not get a pass,

    1. I’m sorry, but singing along to a song doesn’t make someone a racist.
      And Rayna, if you have an issue with someone deal with it then and there, don’t forgive them in the moment and carry on like a mean girl for days after. And your language, work ethic and lack of respect for others is appalling,

  5. No way should she get fired. Rayna has been using the race card from the beginning. She is one causing trouble. If anyone needs to go it’s her. Wanna talk abt being racist it’s Rayna. I don’t care for Heather but she didn’t do
    Anything wrong!

      1. The race card doesn’t have anything to do with Rayna making racist use of the “N” word. Ignorance does

  6. Totally agree, this has got to stop. Racism is a two way street. The black community uses the N- word all the time , and that’s OK . No it’s NOT. If you fire Heather then Rayna needs to be fired ALSO…

  7. If you fire Heather for it, you have to fire Rayna for it. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why this double standard even exists is bs… Either everyone can say it or no one should say it. Plus, what happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Grow up and get over it. She wasn’t using it in a derogatory manner, she was singing a song. Maybe they should ban the song!

    1. I agree totally that Rayna should be fired. She has been a shit stirrer from the very beginning of the season. I am getting really tired of Bravo trying to teach American’s about Black History. I’m white and I can guarantee that I know more about Black History than Rayna or any other African-American on that network. I am not watching to be educated. I have a Masters Degree in History. I watch for the entertainment value. She needs to go.


  8. Rayna is horrible!! She is so salty cause Wes doesn’t want her! She is willing to have a threesome just to have a part of him!! She sucks at her job and now she is crying racism over a song she started! Wrong!!

  9. Wow, the statements on here. First, put a time stamp when Heather used said racist slur in the crew mess, you can’t, because it didn’t happen. Rayna brought up the fact that she said it earlier in the crew mess. Second, context matters. Her saying that word was not okay, but she was a drunk idiot coping another drunk idiot, not trying to cause harm or insult anyone. It’s funny to me that with all the “outrage” all of these articles use the same three tweets. The new drinking game: drink every time Rayna tries to divert attention from her horrible work ethic by bringing up the fact that Heather copied her word for word and tone for tone saying the n word. A big nothingburger, those calling for her to be fired need to get a life.

  10. You ALL have it right! It is so refreshing to read posts like these – the double standard has to end! If that word is bad then NO one should say it period!

  11. No excuse for it at all yes she should be fired period. I’m white male 75 young I’ve heard this ugly word used all my life be ALL races it should not matter what color you are it’s a horrible term to call anyone fire her……,,

  12. No excuse for it at all yes she should be fired period. I’m white male 75 young I’ve heard this ugly word used all my life be ALL races it should not matter what color you are it’s a horrible term to call anyone fire her……,,show people your not biased

  13. If Heather gets fired and Rayna doesn’t, Im done with the whole series. People have to stop getting so upset and making a big deal about words. There just words. Yes its not right. Stop being so dramatic about everything.

  14. Rayna accepted Heather’s apology and said she’s not a bad person & that she still loved her. Then after Rayna slept on it, it seems she realized she could pull the pity card even though she said the lyrics first. She then made it a big deal to everyone except Heather. I understand it’s a serious thing to say, but that applies to everyone no matter your skin color, race or background.

  15. It’s a understood when blacks say it they are referring to how it used to be used historically and they can call themselves that. it’s also understood that whites should not use it as it is a racial slur because of whites forcing slavery and segregation.
    It’s not a double standard, Heather should be fired, she knew better than to use or repeat a racial slur. And it’s considered a slur by our social norms. Yes, I believe If Rayna had called her a cracker or white privileged bitch she would be fired. Captain Lee doesn’t play racial games.

  16. Should just let this word disappear and be forgotten by everybody. So long as black people say it and sing it it’s still out there and we don’t want it there anymore.

  17. I totally agree about Rayna, it’s getting so old, you can totally tell she’s lying when she’s talking to production by half mumbling and rolling her eyes, her body language speaks volumes. I do not believe for a second she got beat up in Minneapolis by the Police during the George Floyd incident that was actually extremely low of her to bring that up.
    Yes she plays the victim, she in 1 clip accepts Heather’s apology, then she spends the next on air time griping to someone else about it. Her constant hush tones and talking fast and grumbling is just old.
    I really hope she’s done with Below Deck after this season, it’s to much.

    1. Exactly and I’m one of the earlier episodes she called the guest CRAZY WHITE PEOPLE! So effing rude! So she can talk bad about people and they can’t get offended! And she can’t even accept a true apology for an accident such double standard

  18. NO!! Heather was rapping to a SONG that has that word in it. Rayna was also rapping along using the same word. Rayna only became completely unnerved by the incident when she got called out for bad performance. Then it suddenly hurt her sole!! Give me a f$&”ing break!!! Heather did not say it TO HER!!! What is this world coming to?!!!

  19. Wow!!! I have read all the comments on here and find it most interesting that someone stated they are not black but they guarantee they know more black history than Rayna and every other black person on the network!! Really? How could that be? You may have your degrees and your textbook education on what you think you know about Black History! But you could NEVER know MORE! Mainly because, real black history was NOT taught in schools. I see and hear a lot of ignorance on most of the reality shows that are on TV nowadays. Drama and victim being the most popular. Bottom line is…. Think before you speak or write anything that may be offensive to others!! No matter what race you are!

    1. Rayna had a stick up her butt the whole trip!
      Should we crucify every white person who sings the lyrics to a song?? Sure, it’s okay for blacks to sing disgusting lyrics but don’t get caught singing that N word.
      Ridiculous waste of time! And Rayna, for a beautiful woman, you sure showed an ugly side this season.

  20. Fire Heather. ?? WHY. ?? She did nothing wrong……Eddie should be fired for being a lousy boss and for pandering to racist Rayna.

  21. What I found most interesting about the incident is that Rayna did not mention it to Eddie until a few days later when she had been pulled up on not doing a good job. So Rayna gets into trouble and she brings up something that happened two or three days ago at a crew night out. As we only see the edited version Bravo shows, it did seem Heather was just singing a song along with Rayna, if it had been something more I’m sure the production crew would have done something at the time. It also seemed the Rayna said nothing at the time, or in the days afterwards to anyone, even her roommate Jessica, until it was useful to Rayna to make it an issue to deflect.

    As for Rayna, what she said to Wes on the last night out was racist and disgusting and should have been addressed by the production team. Even on the Reunion show the incident was mostly glossed over and it was obvious Wes did not want to discuss it. Unlike Rayne, Wes is a class act and I hope he has all the success he deserves with his sailing business.

  22. Lose Heather, lose me!! At 74 yrs old, sailed around the world on board a US Navy Ship. This is not the first time I have witnessed this behavior! Ships are close quarters! I am sick of this crap. Heather did nothing wrong! Rayna is a true “Race baiter”!

  23. This incident with R and Heather kind of reminded me of what happened on season 5 of below deck med. Milia turned Hanna in for her prescription medication days later after she didn’t get her way with the crew cabin arrangements. When the heat is on you, “R” you create a drama diversion. R was good at complaining about everything and creating drama. She was onboard for one thing and one thing only do the job that she was hired and getting paid to do but she could not eve do that, stuff blowing overboard more then once. If she kept her moth switch off long enough to listen and learn her job then she may have had a more favorable experience. But the opposite was true she directed and verbalized nothing but poison.

  24. When Black people use the word it has a much different connotation than when a white person uses it. I would agree that Heather had no ill will, but she should have self edited.

  25. If Heather get fired so should Rayna! She started racist ranting from the beginning spouting off about guest calling them crazy WHITE PEOPLE! Then muttering white privileged to her coworkers and etc! Reverse racism is real and it’s just as hurtful! Let’s all be held accountable and not have DOUBLE STANDARDS!

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