Is ‘Below Deck’ Heather Chase Lying About Her Age?

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Below Deck fans wonder if chief stew Heather Chase is lying about her age. She made her big debut during Season 9 of the reality series. While she’s a seasoned chief stewardess, this is her first time working in front of the cameras. It’s only been a few weeks into the new season, and fans are already criticizing her every move.

First, they slammed Heather for her work ethic — or lack thereof. They feel that she should do less finger-pointing and more work. Even second stew Fraser Olender is not happy with Heather as his boss. She’s got him running around and spreading himself thin for the sake of the charter guests.

Below Deck star defended her work ethic

Yet, Heather Chase claims she’s a hard worker. She has since defended her work ethic after Fraser criticized her. The two started off on a rocky start. Fraser grumbled about Heather and her work style since the beginning.

On Below Deck Season 9, Fraser started a conversation about her actual age, but more on that later. The chief stew responded to his comments about her work ethic. Earlier this week, Heather made her first appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She was joined by Below Deck Mediterranean alum Alex Radcliffe.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
As Below Deck fans already know, the two are good friends. Host Andy Cohen asked Heather to defend herself through a series of questions. When Fraser appeared on WWHL, he said that Heather could improve her leadership if she worked a little more. The Sarah Paulson lookalike feels hurt by his words and said that “once Fraser becomes chief stew, he’ll understand it a little more.”

Fans already want him to replace Heather. They think that Fraser could perfectly fill the shoes that Kate Chastain left behind. However, Heather did “understand his frustration” with being pulled in different directions. She just wasn’t aware that he was so against her early on in the charter.

Heather Chase’s age becomes a topic of conversation

Below Deck fans want to know Heather Chase’s real age. She has already worked in the yachting industry for five years. When Heather isn’t sailing the high seas, she works as a yoga instructor. She quickly worked up the ranks in her yachting career if she’s the age she says she is.

In the Season 9 premiere of the Bravo show, Heather claimed that she was 25 years old. Still, fans don’t believe her. They think she’s really in her mid-30s. Even Fraser was confused by Heather’s age. He asked his Below Deck co-stars to guess her age on the way to their crew dinner.

“Do we know how old Heather is? What do you guys reckon?” Fraser asked.

Deckhand Jake Foulger guessed 32, while Rayna Lindsey guessed that she’s probably in her 30s. “I hope so,” Fraser responded. “Imagine we find out she’s 10 years younger than us and I’ve been bossed around by a child for the past two weeks? F***ing furious.”

[Screenshot: Bravo]
[Screenshot: Bravo]
Even Chef Rachel Hargrove found it shocking when she learned that Heather is younger than she seems. Yet, the fans aren’t falling for it. Most of them took to Reddit and Twitter to claim that she’s lying about her age.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Heather Chase is really 25 years old? How old do you think she is? Sound off below in the comments.

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