Paramount Airing ‘Yellowstone: 1883’: All The Details

Yellowstone-used with Paramount's permission

Paramount has a treat for Yellowstone fans. They will be airing the prequel spinoff 1883 this summer. This Taylor Sheridan-created series tells the story of how the Duttons arrived in Montana.

We have all the latest details.

Yellowstone Prequel Spinoff 1883 Airing On Paramount

On Friday, Deadline reported that Paramount plans on airing Yellowstone prequel spinoff 1883. The series that premiered in December 2021 is going to be available to fans who do not have Paramount+ where it first aired.

Moreover, after each episode, there will be a “featurette.” Taylor Sheridan made sure that the stars of this series lived like they did during this time.

Now, what is this series all about? Firstly, 1883 is the Dutton family origin story. This is how they started in Texas and went west to  start their infamous ranch.

However, with this big dream comes big risk. Their westward journey is dangerous, and full of adventure. Most of all, this reveals how they chose where they settled.

Yellowstone-used with Paramount's permission
Yellowstone-used with Paramount’s permission

Who Stars In 1883?

This Yellowstone prequel spinoff stars real-life husband and wife Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton. In addition, Sam Elliott, (Shea Brennan), Billy Bob Thornton, Isabel May (Elsa Dutton), LaMonica Garrett (Thomas), Marc Rissmann (Josef), Audie Rick (John Dutton Sr.), and James Landry Hébert (Wade) are in this popular drama.

Yellowstone-used with Paramount's permission
Yellowstone-used with Paramount’s permission

When Can You Watch 1883 On Paramount?

Fans can watch the full season of Yellowstone: 1883 starting Sunday, June 18, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Paramount.

Originally Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 Was Premiering In Summer Of 2023

For those fans who are wondering why the remainder of Season 5 of Paramount’s flagship series has not been announced, it is because it has been delayed.

Originally, Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 was going to premiere in the summer. However, there were some on-set issues that led to delays in filming. This includes some tensions with Kevin Costner’s availability.

Sources have reported that the Field Of Dreams star is only available to film for about a week. While his lawyer Marty Singer has characterized this generalization as “lies,” Taylor Sheridan has been tardy getting scripts ready. Therefore, they cannot film.

Originally, they were going to film the entirety of Season 5 in 2022, but Costner got Covid, and Sheridan did not have scripts ready anyhow.

Sources claim that though Costner was ready to film in January, Sheridan was too preoccupied with his other shows to get the job done for his flagship series. This escalated in February. Since then, it has been a chaotic three months of uncertainty.

Finally, just this week, Paramount confirmed that the series will end with these final six episodes. But, they don’t plan on filming until late summer, with a hopeful premiere in November.

Now, it seems that Paramount is giving fans something to watch while they wait. Don’t miss 1883, the Dutton origin story, airing on Paramount starting on Sunday, June 18.


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