Is ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Too Busy To Work On Paramount Series?

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Kevin Costner has been on the hot seat lately. He has become the scapegoat for the delayed Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 filming.

However, the award-winning star is said to believe that the series creator Taylor Sheridan is too busy with other series to concentrate on the OG series.

Does the Field of Dreams star have a point?

Currently, Sheridan is working on several spinoffs of the OG such as 1923, as well as Lioness, Mayor Of Kingstown, and Tulsa King.

Could Sheridan’s many spinning plates be the reason for the delay of Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2? There could be some evidence that his multitude of shows could be at the root of the delays.

Yellowstone Season 5 Should Have Been Filmed In 2022

There has been much said about Kevin Costner’s limited availability for the remainder of Yellowstone Season 5. Big movie stars like Costner who are now starring in television series are used to making the rules, and the rest of the set accommodates them.

However, what happens when the star may have a point?

According to the recent Puck article by esteemed writer Matthew Belloni, Kevin Costner is not impressed with Taylor Sheridan’s distractions.

It seems that the newly minted Paramount cash cow has been so preoccupied with other projects. A source told Belloni that means that Season 5, which was supposed to complete filming in 2022, was delayed because they did not have scripts “on time.” Moreover, they “constantly moved the schedule around.”


What Are Some Of The Delays?

Taylor Sheridan is the busiest guy on television. Yellowstone is the top television show. Paramount is thrilled, and has signed off on a lot of projects to build up their new streamer, Paramount+.

Therefore, Sheridan has been behind quite a few new Paramount series over the past couple of years. They include Yellowstone prequel spinoffs like 1923, and 1883.

Sheridan is also behind the star-studded Lioness that he co-created with Jill Wagner, and includes Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman.

By July, there was some chaos over on the set, and soon Sheridan named himself showrunner.

This was when they were filming Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1. Could this be why they didn’t finish filming all of Season 5? We don’t have that answer, but this was also the approximate time they were getting 1923 filmed as well.

Therefore, is Kevin Costner right that Taylor Sheridan is too busy? We don’t have that answer, but the evidence seems to indicate that the actor is right.

When Will Yellowstone Season 6 Start Filming?

The article points out that originally they were supposed to start filming Yellowstone Season 6 in the upcoming summer and fall. Instead, they are scheduled to film the final six episodes of the supersized Season 5.

That means that the timeline is way off course. Moreover, the current issues with Kevin Costner have fans concerned that the series may be ending with Season 5.

Is this because Taylor Sheridan is too busy for his OG series?

Have you been following this story? Why do you think that there are so many delays?

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