It’s Official: ‘Yellowstone’ Ending, Is Matthew McConaughey Series Coming Next?


Yellowstone is officially ending. The hit Paramount series that stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton III, the Montana owner of one of the biggest cattle ranches in the United States is ending. This series is created by Taylor Sheridan, with a universe spun off into several spinoff series.

Could one of those spinoff series include one with Matthew McConaughey? We have the latest breaking news on television’s top series.

Yellowstone Is Officially Ending

On Friday, Deadline reported that Yellowstone is being taken to the train station, and officially over. According to the publication, this is a reiteration of the shocking February news revealing chaos on the set of Taylor Sheridan’s hit series. Now, Paramount has confirmed that the series is ending with Season 5.

This has been a turbulent few months that began with the shocking accusations that they could not complete filming the series due to Kevin Costner’s lack of availability. Since then, there have been anonymous sources close to the production revealing that the series was ending.

Now, Paramount has confirmed that Yellowstone is officially ending. However, Paramount has revealed some good news with the bad. Although the OG is leaving, there will be a sequel.


What Do We Know About Matthew McConaughey Spinoff?

Since February, there have been rumblings of a spinoff Yellowstone series. Moreover, Matthew McConaughey’s name has been attached to all of these rumors. On Friday, the news is that a new, “untitled sequel” is confirmed. This is going “straight to series.” Paramount plans on premiering this new series in December 2023.

However, they need to get moving pretty quickly as “no talent has been announced.” The publication contends that the True Detective star has been in talks for this project for months. No other name has been attached.

But, there could be some familiar names from the OG that could also be in this new sequel. In addition, the belief is that until the script is complete, no one knows who from the original series will be in the new show. But, reports are that a few of the original series actors have already received offers for this new series.

What is also not set is location. Will this new sequel take place in Montana or elsewhere?

One thing is for certain, Kevin Costner will not be back. The animosity between Sheridan and Costner has become the headline. Moreover, sources close to the production revealed earlier this week that Costner was leaving after Season 5.

When Will Remaining Yellowstone Season 5 Episodes Premiere?

Now that Yellowstone fans know that this is the end, when will fans get to see the remaining five episodes of Season 5? They currently plan on filming the remainder of Season 5 in August. The plan is to premiere Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 in November.

Yellowstone fans, what do you think of this latest news?

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