Hazel Busby Squints BAD In New Photo: Are Her Eyes Alright?

Hazel Busby Youtube

Hazel Busby seems to be squinting worse than ever in a new photo her mother shared on Instagram and it has left fans of OutDaughtered deeply concerned. Is she alright? Have there been any updates to her about her eyes recently? Keep reading for the scoop and to get a closer look at the photo.

Hazel Busby squints BAD: Is she alright?

Danielle Busby shared a few photos of her girls prior to heading in for their dance class. She admitted they were running super late and she actually got their hair ready for class in the parking lot prior to going inside. Because they were already late, however, she saw no harm in stopping for a quick photoshoot that the girls really wanted.

Hazel Busby YouTube

Really zooming in on Hazel Busby, fans immediately expressed concern for her eyes. One fan, in particular, admitted their heart was broken as they watched Hazel’s eyes struggle to stay open. The fan noted that Hazel was now eight and should be in a better place with her eye health by now. This individual proceeded to ask if there had been an update on her eyes recently.

Now, other OutDaughtered fans rushed to Danielle and Hazel’s defense. They pointed out that ALL the girls were squinting in the photo. Not just Hazel. These fans suspected the sun was probably shining in their eyes when Danielle snapped the photo. And, there was no reason to be so concerned with Hazel’s eyes. Another fan chimed in that it was none of their business if something was going on with Hazel’s eyes. This fan noted that if Danielle and Adam wanted to share an update with fans, they would.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

Has there been an update on her eyes?

Looking back at Adam and Danielle’s social media activity, it has been a while since they offered fans any type of update on Hazel’s eyes. In June of last year, fans did get a bit of an update when Hazel got a brand-new pair of glasses.

The TLC parents penned when they shared photos of Hazel in her new glasses: “Our Hazel Grace!!! She just couldn’t be any cuter! New Glasses for this cutie pie.”

Hazel Busby- Instagram
Hazel Busby- Instagram

Do you think Hazel Busby looked like she was badly squinting in the photo? Do you think the other quints were also squinting in the photo or was Hazel worse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for all the details on the Busby family!

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