Hazel Busby Sparkles In White Baby Doll Dress: See Photo

Hazel Busby- Instagram

Hazel Busby from OutDaughtered is growing up so quickly. Known as the adorable redhead in the family, Hazel has won fans’ hearts and they always want to see more of her. More so, her mother, Danielle Busby has been showing her off a lot lately. In fact, in one of her new photos, Hazel looks so grown up and fans love her new outfit. Let’s find out why and see the photo.

Graeson Bee’s Newest Styles

Danielle Busby’s clothing boutique, Graeson Bee has become popular among her fans. In fact, the clothing that she sells has been a hit with her daughters as well. Fans got a chance to see firsthand that Hazel Busby had fallen in love with one dress in particular. In the new Instagram post for the boutique, Hazel is seen wearing a white baby doll dress with sandals.

Graeson Bee- Instagram
Graeson Bee- Instagram

As soon as fans of OutDaughtered saw the photo, they couldn’t help but tell Danielle how adorable Hazel is. Most of the fans who saw this commented on how beautiful Hazel is and how well she wore the dress. Moreover, it is just her style and she totally rocked it.

Hazel Busby gets a lot of love from fans of the show. Fans have watched her go through a lot with her vision, but no matter what comes her way, she is always smiling. Furthermore, Hazel gets a lot of praise for being such a special child and a great sister. Now it looks like she is ready for her modeling career.

Hazel Busby Grows Up

OutDaughtered fans have watched the quints grow up and now that they are no longer on television, fans have to keep up with them on social media. Hazel Busby recently got a new look and from what we have seen, she has more confidence than ever! Her mother has always talked about how obsessed she was with her hair. Similarly, she loves her red curls and is always complimenting her.

Hazel Busby - Danielle - Instagram
Hazel Busby – Danielle – Instagram

Danielle makes it a point to share photos of her long curls on Instagram. In a recent post, she shared that Hazel had quite the fashion change. In her picture, her hair was pulled back and tied with a pink ribbon. She was wearing an adorable blue dress and had her hands on her hips. Hazel’s face showed fans that she was really feeling it and her confidence was definitely there!

What do you think of Hazel Busby in the new white baby doll dress? Do you think that this look is for her? Finally, do you want to see the Busby family coming back to reality television? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered. 


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