Hazel Busby Full Of Pride Over Gorgeous New Look

Hazel Busby - Instagram

Hazel Busby of OutDaughtered is pretty and she knows it! The adorable red-headed quint marched around her home and strutted her stuff with her hands on her hips in a video her mother shared on her Instagram Stories. Keep reading to see some sweet photos of Hazel Busby oozing with confidence as she commands attention.

Hazel Busby Instagram
Hazel Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby admits she’s obsessed with Hazel’s hair

Prior to sharing the fun video of Hazel Busby strutting around the house and commanding attention, Danielle shared a snapshot of Hazel’s backside. The photo showed Hazel’s gorgeous red curls flowing down her back and touching her waist. Hazel’s bangs and the top layer of her hair was pulled back in an adorable pink bow keeping it out of her face.

“Obsessed with Hazel’s hair,” Danielle declared in a caption attached to the photo. She chased her caption with a single white heart. Check out the photo that had Danielle’s mama heart swooning down below:

Hazel Busby - Danielle - Instagram
Hazel Busby – Danielle – Instagram

The red-headed quint tells everyone she’s pretty

Hazel Busby’s long vibrant red hair paired well with the navy blue jumper she was rocking in the photo and video her mother shared on her Instagram Stories. In a caption attached to the video, Danielle explained that Hazel knew exactly how pretty she was and was clearly feeling herself with her current hairstyle and outfit.

Hazel Busby - Danielle - Instagram
Danielle – Instagram

Danielle Busby noted, “She keeps walking around telling everyone to look how pretty her hair is today.” The proud mama added a hashtag gushing about how much she loved Hazel to the end of her caption.

In the video, Hazel Busby had both hands on her hips as she proudly strutted her stop while her mother filmed a video and took a few photos. Hazel had a huge smile on her face as she posed for her mother. Her face oozed with joy and confidence.

Hazel Busby - Danielle - Instagram
Danielle – Instagram

It is no secret that Hazel Busby is a fan favorite as far as the quints are concerned. Adam and Danielle Busby, however, often get criticized for getting the red-headed quint more attention than her sisters. Some fans are quick to call attention to how many more photos and videos they share of Hazel compared to her sister. Adam and Danielle, however, have always been very upfront about explaining they never force their girls to be in videos or photos. So, some days, they simply don’t want to.

Hazel Busby being featured in many of the photos likely has little to do with favoritism and everything to do with Hazel loving to be in front of that camera. What do you think of Hazel’s hair in these photos? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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