‘Life After Lockup’ Did Derek Stick It Out With Monique?

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Did Life After Lockup star Derek Warner stick it out with Monique? In the recent episodes, he came to visit her in Chicago. His hope was that he could propose to her. However, her lack of trust has posed a big issue for them. Did it break them up or did they decide to stick out? Read on for more details.

Life After Lockup Did Derek Stick It Out With Monique?

Monique fell for Derek when he was in prison and spent a lot of money on him. When it was time to get him on release day, she had thousands of dollars worth of clothing and merchandise packed up for him. However, one thing the Life After Lockup duo struggled with was the fact that she had filtered some photos. Derek was really into fitness while Monique was not that invested. She worried that maybe he would not like her. His sisters ended up being there when he was released which was unplanned. They proceeded to put out on social media all these nasty things about Monique and her looks.

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Yet, Derek opted to stay with Monique though he did not tell her he had another lady on the side. Eventually, she went home and he remained in his home state where he was paroled. When she returned to visit, Monique was not happy that Derek had cheated on her. It was not just with one person but rather ten women. She still does not trust him but were they able to stay together? When Derek was arrested in March, Monique was waiting in the car for him, which is already a good sign.

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Furthermore, according to her Instagram, she still seems fairly happy with him. Early Saturday, Monique posted photos from the most recent episode of Life After Lockup. She and Derek had gone to a club that had no people so he would not be able to be tempted. Yet, one bottle service girl was very much into Derek. He tried to explain that they flirt for bigger tips but also admitted to the cameras the temptation was real. In the caption, Monique wrote: “We got our drinks poured, you can go now 🙃.”

Happy Together

At the end of March, the Life After Lockup couple hit Atlanta together and seemed quite happy. Derek also shared the pictures from last night’s episode and wrote: “Night out w/ my Baby in Chicago🥂.” For now, it appears that they are very much together but it is unclear if he has proposed just yet. There are still a few more episodes left in the season so fans will just have to watch it all play out. Next week, they get a mystery visitor who could blow up their whole romantic visit.

Are you shocked that Monique and Derek are still together? Do you think that he really loves her? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.


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