‘Spy x Family’ Becomes Top-Selling Manga In The USA

spy x family volume 8 cover
Nick Davis

Spy x Family is on a streak of domination in the anime and manga space right now. The thriller and humor anime got more streams in 2022 than any other anime out of Japan. And now the manga is taking the throne as well. With less than a dozen volumes out, Spy x Family is becoming an instant classic. Can it continue to hold its streak and its prominence to become a pop culture icon? Let’s talk about the manga and everything else surrounding this hit franchise.

The Biggest Manga

Spy x Family is the top-selling manga in the US according to Publisher Weekly. It actually goes even further than that, too. Volume 9 of Spy x Family is the top-selling book in the entire country. Yes, book, not just top-selling of the graphic novels.

spy x family manga volume 7 cover
The cover for ‘Spy x Family’ Volume 7

On top of that, Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 19 also takes the number five spot of the top-selling books in the country. This illustrates the extremely impressive current trend in manga’s sweeping popularity in the West. Manga has always had a cult status of popularity in North America. In recent years, however, the sales have really taken off, resulting in more translations and English publications than ever before.

Manga actually sold more in the US than American-made comics in 2022. That statistic shows the sad state of the American comics industry as much as it does the positive state of manga.

The only novels competing with the two manga titans are all books by Colleen Hoover. The YA and romance author takes all three of the other five spots currently available on the list. Not much variety in the dying physical-print fiction medium, sadly.

The Future Of Spy x Family

So what’s next for Spy x Family in the midst of this massive tidal wave of success? A lot of content in 2023 is what’s next. Fans got the announcement at the end of Season 1 that both Season 2 and a full-length movie are coming this year. The movie is written by the series creator, Tatsuya Endo, and covers a story never-before-seen by manga readers. So Season 2 will cover the next arcs from the manga following the Season 1 finale while Spy x Family CODE: White covers new ground for the Forger family.

On top of that, there are currently two more volumes of the manga planned for release in North America sometime in the near future. Currently, volumes 10 and 11 are only out in Japan. It typically takes close to a year for a Japanese volume to get its English translation. With that timeframe in mind, Volume 10 should be arriving around August or September.

spy x family code white poster anya
Anya on the poster for ‘Spy x Family: CODE White’

Spy x Family Season 1 is out in its entirety on Crunchyroll in the US. The manga is ongoing and 9 out of 11 volumes are currently available in English.

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