‘Spy x Family’ Is Officially Most-Streamed Anime Of 2022

spy x family season 1
Nick Davis

The start of a new year always brings a slough of lists ranking the best things from last year. What’s even better, though, is to see the empirical data showcasing what people really saw the most. A recent ranking out of Japan put all of the top anime of 2022 in order of which ones got the most streams. A lot of entries in the top 10 may be surprising. And the top spot was taken by none other than newcomer Spy x Family.

The Most-Streamed Anime Of 2022

The ranking was done by the Japanese site Gem Standard. It aggregates the streams of anime shows across multiple streaming platforms. At the top of the list is the aforementioned Spy x Family. It’s not even a close race, either. Spy x Family handily tops the second-place ranking, Demon Slayer, by more than 2 points. The margins become much closer between Demon Slayer in second place and One Piece along with Detective Conan, which take up third and fourth place, respectively. They’re all within a half-point of each other.

spy x family volume 3 cover
The cover for Volume 3 of the ‘Spy x Family’ manga

2022 truly was a great year for popular new anime. Spy x Family wasn’t the only brand-new anime series to stop the streaming list with its first season. Chainsaw Man took 7th place with only part of its first season out by the end of 2022. Gundam: The Witch From Mercury also took 9th place with its finale not even being out by the end of December. That’s three new anime series with only 1 season out in 2022 that all took top 10 spots on the streaming list. A very good sign for the state of anime at the moment that we’re getting so many new and amazing shows each year. Hopefully this trend continues in 2023.

Spy x Family On Top

Poster for 'Spy x Family' showing Anya and other characters
Poster for ‘Spy x Family’ showing Anya and other characters

The success of Spy x Family Season 1 seems to be just the beginning of a train that is now comfortably in motion. The show has multiple projects in the works now and the fans are adamantly ready for more. We’re set to get both Season 2 of the show as well as a full-length movie, both arriving in 2023. The manga is also still ongoing and is set to publish multiple new volumes in 2023.

The remaining spots on the top 10 most-streamed anime of 2022 go to the following shows. Attack On Titan in 5th place. Kingdom in 6th place. Jujutsu Kaisen in 8th place and My Hero Academia in 10th place.

Spy x Family Season 1 is entirely out now on Crunchyroll. There is a Season 2 and also a full-length movie set to come out sometime in 2023.

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