‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Exclusive: Amy’s Rumored New Man Speaks Out


Tv Shows Ace ExclusiveThe man rumored to be dating Amy Halterman online following her split from Michael has broken his silence. 

About a month ago, Tv Shows Ace spoke to a woman claiming that she could confirm Amy Halterman was definitely not with her husband Michael anymore. This woman went on to tell Tv Shows Ace that she could confirm this information because Amy was chatting it up with her brother online. Now, the brother in question reached out to Tv Shows Ace recently. Speaking exclusively to Tv Shows Ace, he wanted to “set the record straight” on the status of his relationship with Amy Halterman.

Amy Halterman- TLC
Amy Halterman- TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Amy’s rumored new man speaks out

As far as 1000-Lb. Sisters fans know, Amy Halterman and her husband Michael are NOT together anymore. Moreover, there is a protective order that seemingly prevents Michael from coming anywhere near her. He, however, does have a right to supervised visits with his boys. In shutting down the recent advances reality TV star Josh Seiter made toward her, Amy let it slip in her response that she “had a man.” Now, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans couldn’t help but wonder if that man was the same man from about a month ago when his sister claimed he was chatting it up with Amy.

Fortunately, the man did catch wind of the rumor and reached out to Tv Shows Ace. After confirming it was his sister that we spoke to, he said he wanted to explain what really happened between him and Amy. He, however, asked if his name could be left out of the article.

Amy Halterman- Instagram
Amy Halterman- Instagram

Amy Halterman’s rumored man tells us that he is definitely not in any sort of romantic relationship with the TLC star. In fact, he explained that he did meet Amy in an online Facebook dating group. He spoke with her for a few minutes. He, however, says the conversation was very brief and he “shut it down” as soon as he realized who she was.

So who is she in a relationship with?

Well, anyone who follows 1000-Lb. Sisters news knows Josh Seiter from Bachelorette has been actively pursuing Amy. She, however, has reportedly blocked him and shut down all advances he’s made in her direction. Her sister Tammy has also told multiple outlets Amy wants NOTHING to do with Josh. She, however, did tell Josh that she “already had a man.” So, unless she was just using that to get him to go away there IS someone else in her love life right now. Knowing that Amy was using the Facebook dating scene to link with men, it is possible she just found someone else that way.

Amy Slaton Halterman - Josh Seiter Youtube - Instagram
Amy Slaton Halterman – Josh Seiter Youtube – Instagram

There, however, are some fans who hope that Amy and Michael are just going to find there way back to each other for the sake of the children.

What do you think is going on with Amy Halterman’s love life right now? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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  1. Amy is an absolutely undesirable woman with 2 kids with limited intellect. why would any sane man EVER want to date her???

  2. Thanks for sharing! That is your very judgemental opinion. You don’t personally know Amy and beauty isn’t what is always on the outside! It’s what is on the inside that truly matters.

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