‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Exclusive: Amy Halterman Dating New Man?

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Tv Shows Ace Exclusive: It appears as if rumors Amy Halterman has left Michael are true as she’s reportedly dating someone new. Where did confirmation that Amy is dating someone new come from? What do we know about this rumored split? Keep reading for the details.

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1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy reportedly dumped Michael

It’s been a few weeks now since the bombshell was dropped that Amy and Michael Halterman are no longer together. An anonymous source close to the family claimed that Amy split from Michael and took the kids with her as she went out the door. The original report claimed that bringing children into their family created issues for their marriage. Michael was allegedly jealous of having to share Amy with her sons. And, Amy reportedly grew frustrated with not getting enough help from Michael around the house or with the kids.

Unfortunately, the split has yet to be confirmed by anyone in the family. Now, it is extremely possible the split will NOT be confirmed until the Season Finale. Likewise, TLC could hold on to the split confirmation to use it for a whole new season of the series.

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Exclusive: Amy Halterman reportedly dating someone new

Tv Shows Ace spoke to a source claiming to have some juicy tea confirming Amy and her husband Michael Halterman were no longer together. This individual tells Tv Shows Ace that not only have Amy and Michael broken up, but Amy has already dove back into the dating pool. Turns out, Amy Halterman decided to take a stab at online dating after things didn’t work out with her husband.

Our source goes on to tell us that Amy met a man on a dating website that she’s been casually engaging with for a little while now. “Amy is dating or at least trying to,” our source tells us before going on to reveal Amy Halterman is actually chatting it up with their brother after linking up on a dating site recently.

Amy halterman - michael halterman Youtube
Amy halterman – michael halterman Youtube

Unfortunately, our source wasn’t sure how serious things were between Amy and their brother. But, confirmed the two had been “chatting it up” for a little while now.

Do you think Amy and Michael Halterman are really over? Could she really be dating someone new? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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    1. Amanda was married to Michael’s big brother , she is now divorcing as well.
      The sisters were married to brothers.

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