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Amy & Michael Halterman Split, Moves In With Sister Tammy?

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1000-Lb. Sisters BOMBSHELL dropped last night alleging that Amy Halterman and her husband Michael split up with no hopes of a reconciliation. The first outlet to report on this rumored breakup claimed that Amy Halterman fully intended on filing for divorce and was no longer living under the same roof with Michael. Has anything else developed since Tv Shows Ace first reported on this rumored break-up last night? What are fans saying about the end of a fan-favorite couple? And, most importantly, is there any truth to this rumor? Keep reading for all the details.

Michael and Amy Halterman- TLC
Michael and Amy Halterman- TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters BOMBSHELL: Amy Halterman and Michael split

It was The Sun that first reported Amy Halterman and Michael had split up. The outlet alleged that someone close to the family revealed Amy and Michael were separated. The source explained that Amy has every intention of divorcing Michael (she just hasn’t filed yet). Moreover, the source claims Amy Halterman moved out of the home they share together and is bunking with Tammy for the time being.

The source told the outlet Amy and Michael had been having troubles for about a year now. So, the split didn’t come as a surprise to those close to the family.

According to the source, Amy Halterman grew frustrated with how lazy her husband Michael was being. Likewise, the source claimed Michael didn’t like sharing Amy with two young children and was incredibly jealous over not getting enough of her affection.

amy halterman - michael halterman youtube

On both Reddit and Facebook, fans admitted that they weren’t buying the report from The Sun. The rumor, however, gained some credibility when The Ashley also reported on the break-up because most consider it to be a more credible outlet. The Ashley, however, was only re-hashing the original report with no additional information. Presently, neither Michael nor Amy have broken silence on this rumor. So, it is nothing more than that at this point in time.

Amy Halterman - Michael Halterman - Youtube
Amy Halterman – Michael Halterman – Youtube

Fans question if she can really leave Michael

1000-Lb. Sisters fans feel like this is more of a future storyline than actual reality. Moreover, fans question whether Amy can actually leave Michael as being legally blind in one eye prevents her from being able to drive anywhere. So, she relies on Michael to do all of the driving.

This alleged break-up, however, isn’t too much of a stretch. Amy Halterman was extremely frustrated with her husband on the most recent episode of the show. She was fighting for her life to manage two children and Michael didn’t appear to be interested in helping her. In fact, Michael is being blasted all over social media as fans demand he get up and help Amy take care of the boys.

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Do you think there could be any truth to this rumor? Can Amy Halterman survive without Michael? Let us know in the comments down below! And, keep coming back for all the latest TLC news.

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