Amy Halterman Splits, Dumps Glenn & Gage On Amanda?

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Amy Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters is seemingly more interested in that single lady life than that mommy life after news broke that she and Michael split up. According to Amanda Halterman, who only tends to make rare appearances on social media, her sister Amy split and dumped both Glenn and Gage on her for the day.

Amy Halterman splits, dumps boys on Amanda

The proud aunt, however, admits that she isn’t too bothered by Amy’s dump and split because she absolutely adores spending time with her precious nephews.

She penned in the caption of her post: “A day with Auntie Manda. I am thankful to spoil them every chance I get.”

Attached to the post, Amanda shared a photo of both Glenn and Gage with huge smiles on their faces. They appeared to be safely tucked into a cart at Walmart. Amanda also squeezed herself partially into the frame of the photo before she snapped it.

Amy Halterman - Gage Youtube

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Amanda Halterman’s TikTok activity reveals she’s been spending A LOT of time with Amy’s sons lately. Fans admit they love seeing Amanda stepping up and being such an incredible sister. They, however, wonder what is going on with Amy Halterman right now.

Hanging with Tammy?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Amy Halterman was spotted in a few different locations in Evansville, Indiana with her sister Tammy recently. Her sons Glenn and Gage were never spotted with them. Neither was Michael or Tammy’s husband Caleb. Some fans, however, did claim to see Amy Halterman still wearing her wedding ring while hanging with her sister.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans admit they are a bit bothered that Amy Halterman isn’t more focused on her sons and her weight loss journey. Is motherhood not what she thought it was going to be? Is she splitting custody of the boys with Michael?

Amanda Halterman - Instagram
Amanda Halterman – Instagram

Because this is a reality TV family, it is possible fans won’t get answers until the truth about Michael and Amy’s marriage comes out on the show. If they are getting a divorce, it is possible TLC has a gag order on the entire family to keep it from getting confirmed until the details can air on the show.

What did fans have to say about Amanda Halterman’s recent post?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans flooded Amanda’s comments to make sure she knew that she was the fan-favorite right now. They loved the way she was stepping in to care for these boys and her genuine concern for her family was heartwarming. Many fans admit they wished they had a sister like Amanda.

What do you think about Amy Halterman dumping her children on Amanda? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. I don’t think Amy is planning kids off with family. I do know that a women needs to take care of her personal issues to be able to care and love her children the right way. my husband left me 5 months after my son was born that means 3 children no support,and it looked like she was having post partem issues after the baby. so if you don’t fix yourself you can’t care for your Littles. she’s blessed to have her family. If their not complaining then strangers shouldn’t either..

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