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Amanda Halterman Steps In To Help Amy With Glenn & Gage

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Amanda Halterman is quickly becoming a fan-favorite on 1000-Lb. Sisters. Turns out, she appears to be stepping up to the plate to help Amy with Glenn and Gage after she reportedly left her husband Michael. In the past month, Amanda has started posting videos on her TikTok. And, many of the videos have featured her holding one of Amy’s children. Fans watching the videos can’t help but notice that Michael Halterman is missing from ALL of the videos Amanda has posted featuring Amy and/or one (or more) of her children.

Why do they have the same last night?

Now, as far as 1000-Lb. Sisters fans know, Amy, Amanda, Tammy, Misty, and Chris are siblings. So, Amy and Amanda sharing the same last night is a bit confusing. After all, Amy has her husband’s (possibly ex-husband’s) last name. Turns out, Amanda was actually married to Michael’s brother for a period of time. Amanda, however, did divorce Michael’s brother and it now appears as if Amy may be divorcing Michael as well.

Fans speculate Amanda is stepping up to help Amy because of just how understanding she is of the situation as she split up with Michael’s brother.

Amanda Halterman - TikTok
Amanda Halterman – TikTok

Amanda Halterman steps up to help Amy with kids?

Amanda Halterman shared a video a few days ago that featured her, Glenn, Gage, Amy, and Tammy. In the video, Amanda went around the room asking everyone what their spirit animal was. Both Tammy and Amy agreed they shared the spirit animal of the sloth. While Tammy wasn’t happy that Amy copied her, Amanda said they were sisters so they could absolutely have the same spirit animal.

When Amanda pans back to her she reveals she is holding Glenn while Gage wanders the room everyone else is in. In older videos from the past month, Amanda has videos of herself with both Glenn and Gage. Fans adore the fact that Amanda is showing up to help care for Amy’s children as she goes through whatever she’s going through with Michael.

Amanda Halterman - TikTok
Amanda Halterman – TikTok

At this time, it is important to keep in mind that Amy and Michael’s split is nothing more than a rumor. An inside source allegedly leaked the split to a media outlet. But, no one in the family has confirmed the news is true. So, fans are on the fence regarding whether or not they believe it to be true.

Do you think it is sweet that Amanda Halterman is showing up to help Amy with her children? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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